Aug 14, 2022
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The MP spoke about the confiscation of the mansion of Sofia Rotaru


Singer Sofia Rotaru owns a mansion in the Crimea.

Roman Khudyakov answered a question from subscribers on his VKontakte page. Users of the social network wanted to know why Sofia Rotaru’s mansion in Crimea has not yet been confiscated.

The 45-year-old politician recalled that the singer bought a historic building in Yalta for a symbolic sum: 1,386 hryvnias. She promised to open a music school for gifted children or a recording studio in it, but in the building … a hotel started working.

The deputy assured that he understands the mood of the Crimeans who want to seize property in favor of the public. However, he opposes the unceremonious treatment of other people’s property. Roman Ivanovich urged not to become like “criminal regimes” that freeze assets and confiscate the personal property of our citizens abroad.

Sofia Rotaru - photo from the archive -
Sofia Rotaru – photo from the archive – “Instagram is a banned organization on the territory of the Russian Federation”

In his opinion, the singer may lose the mansion, but only if the check reveals violations. The statesman suggested that subscribers take their time and wait for the court’s decision.

I understand the Russians, I understand the inhabitants of the Crimea, I want to confiscate – and that’s all. But we don’t do that. Verification of the legality of the acquisition of a historic mansion, as well as a tax audit will soon be launched. And if violations are revealed, it is possible, upon the fact of the trial, to transfer the mansion to a music school or recording studio”, — writes Khudyakov on his page.

Roman Khudyakov often criticizes famous people who betrayed Russia. Earlier, he expressed his opinion about Marina Ovsyannikova, who became famous throughout the country after a scandalous trick.

The politician laughed at the plans of the TV journalist and offered to start a video blog. “Who will read this book written in Russian?! Nobody. Who will watch the film about Ovsyannikova?! Nobody. Show on Youtube?! You can also try. I give you an idea. The presenter in the frame reads the news, and Marina Ovsyannikova runs in the background with a poster – this is the main business of her life“, he ironically.

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