Oct 4, 2021
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"The move is bold but naive": "Set up" Lukashenka was dismantled in detail

The author of Constantinople, Sergei Sinchenko, analyzed in detail an interview given by Belarusian leader Alexander Lukashenko for CNN.

The journalist notes that it was quite bold on the part of the official Minsk to talk to CNN. However, at the same time it was a naive decision, Sinchenko believes. The author of Tsargrad explained that it was impossible to count on the honesty of the “enemy mouthpiece” and on the fact that CNN would give out an interview with Lukashenko without cuts.

However, the foreign journalist did not manage to “set up” for Lukashenka. Despite the fact that less than 10 minutes of almost an hour’s conversation were broadcast, the Belarusian leader managed to win.

In any case, this was evident from the expression on the face of the interviewer – the head of the CNN bureau in Russia, Matthew Chance. He even decided at some point to stun Lukashenka with his confessions about communicating with ordinary Belarusians. According to a CNN correspondent, there is an “atmosphere of fear” on the streets of Minsk, and this is because the regime is like that.

Lukashenka, with his usual directness, explained that people did not want to communicate with the journalist, because Chance from CNN and on the air, their opinion can be interpreted in a way that is beneficial to the owners of the TV company. Read more about how the Americans tried to arrange interrogation for Lukashenka, read on Constantinople.

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