Aug 27, 2021
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The mother’s voice acts as a pain reliever like a premature baby

Doctors from Italy noticed that when a mother talked to her premature baby during medical procedures, his signs of pain decreased and the level of oxytocin, the hormone responsible for attachment, increased. They suggested that the mother’s voice has a beneficial effect on the condition of the baby.

To test this hypothesis, scientists observed 20 premature babies at Parini Hospital for three days. Their mothers were asked to be present at the daily blood sampling. For the first time, samples were taken from the heels of children without the presence of parents. The next day, the mothers were asked to speak to their baby five minutes before the injection, during the procedure, and after. The third time is to sing him a song.

Scientists monitored changes in pain sensation using a special test for premature babies, which assesses reactions by the baby’s facial expression, heartbeat and other physiological parameters on a scale from 1 to 21. All procedures and behavior of babies were filmed without sound to evaluate the data. knowing if my mother was there.

During all manipulations, saliva samples were taken from children in order to measure the level of oxytocin during the experiment.

The results obtained pleasantly surprised the researchers: when a child is tested without the presence of the mother, his pain is estimated at 4.5. If the mother talks to him, the indicator drops to 3, while singing – to 3.8. According to scientists, spoken language affects children better, since a woman does not have to change her intonation.

The analgesic effect of the mother’s voice was also confirmed by tests for oxytocin: when they talked to the baby and sang to him, the level of the attachment hormone almost doubled. According to scientists, this is a very significant increase.

The study authors noted that this interaction between mother and child not only relieves painful sensations, but also helps parents get through this difficult period and feel involved in the development of the baby.

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