Dec 27, 2020
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The mother of the family was stigmatized for being too generous

excessive generosity of the mother of the familyA resident of Australia named Karen spent four full hours wrapping her Christmas gifts in pretty paper.

excessive generosity of the mother of the family

Unable to resist, the woman photographed the mountains of gifts and posted the pictures on the Internet. But if the mother of the family hoped that users would praise her for her generosity and energy, then she was a little mistaken.

excessive generosity of the mother of the family

Of course, there were people who appreciated Karen’s kind gesture towards her beloved relatives, but other users branded our heroine with shame. It is supposedly quite insensitive to brag about the abundance of gifts when many people these days do not have the opportunity to buy something good for their children for the holiday.

excessive generosity of the mother of the family

Karen apologized to those whom she unwittingly offended, but added that she has a good excuse. Due to quarantine restrictions, she and her husband did not meet with their children and grandchildren for almost a year, and therefore missed many holidays, including birthdays. So a huge bunch of presents is not only for Christmas, but in fact for a whole year.

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