Feb 17, 2021
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The mother of a schoolboy burnt in the sun blames teachers for everything

schoolboy burned in the sunA resident of Victoria (Australia) was very annoyed to see her 8-year-old son return from school.

schoolboy burned in the sun

It seems that during the break, the boy got too carried away with games in the schoolyard, forgetting about such important items as a hat and sunscreen. As a result, the child received a sunburn, and his mother is sure that teachers are responsible for the little tragedy. They were the ones who had to make sure that the student covered his head and did not forget about the important cream.

schoolboy burned in the sun

A debate has begun on social networks about this problem, and many parents agree that there should be a clear policy in schools – without protection, simply not to let children out into the sunny yard. Although there were people who still believe that at 8 years old, a child should be smarter than the sun and not forget about protecting himself from unsafe rays.

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