Jul 1, 2020
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The most unusual beautiful houses

Most people are used to living in concrete or brick buildings, with the usual walls, Windows and doors. Meanwhile, in the world there are unusual houses that violate all the accepted rules. They are striking in their beauty, and sometimes lead to confusion. Still it's very interesting and exclusive. Probably, everyone dreamed at least a little to live in these apartments.

Beautiful home

Glass home (Tokyo)

Building glass, glass walls designed by the Tokyo architect With Fujimoto. His goal was to achieve a new level of illumination in the room, and he did it. The room looks very light and stylish. However, the house is located in the middle of the busy street of Tokyo (Japan), that does not create comfortable conditions for living. You have to be absolutely without complexes, to agree to live in full view of passers-by.

Glass home With Fujimoto

Square glass houses – 592 m2. It consists of a separate residential premises, located on different levels are completely asymmetrical. Resembles boxes stacked on top of each other. The rooms are different people, however, the walls between them! It is possible to be fenced off only by a curtain. To move from one room to another help of the ladder. They can even be pieces of furniture. In General, almost all the furniture in this house is multifunctional, for example, the table can serve as a bed and a chest of drawers – stairs.

House from waterfall (PA)

This unusual house is a dream of everyone. It is situated amidst wooded picturesque area, right on the top of the waterfall, as if hovering over him. The architect wanted organic nature, harmony with nature. And indeed, the building fits perfectly into the landscape. The mansion looks amazing both inside and out. He even made the list of the architectural masterpieces of the twentieth century, making famous architect Frank Lloyd Wright.

The house on the waterfall in Pennsylvania

By the way, I designed and built the house by order of the American millionaire. And it was in 1936, and looks so modern!

The narrowest home in the world (Warsaw)

From the first glance, few would guess that this is a separate house. Keret house is a tiny space between two large buildings – see 92 was designed in 2012 by architect Jakub Wenski as art installations for the Polish Foundation of modern art.

Keret house - tiny house

The room has everything necessary for life: kitchen, living room, shower room, WC, bedroom. The first guest in the mini house Keret Etgar, in whose honor and named the building. Now no one lives there, Keret house is considered the exhibit that there are often guided tours.

The Creator hopes that his story will inspire the authorities to create projects of such houses. After all, between the buildings often remain empty spaces, so why not use them? These mini-apartments will be able to afford even people with a low income.

The Cave Of The Flintstones (Malibu)

Whether will be wishing to live in the hut of the "stone age" like a little family Flintstones cartoon? It exists in Malibu. Outside and inside it is completely made in the cave style. However, the interior of the house is very modern and comfortable, although the walls don't have Wallpaper and paint – are all made from concrete. Even some furniture, such as shelves and tables.

The cave of the Flintstones in Malibu

Of course, every piece of furniture a designer creation. In addition, around the house a lot of extravagant decorative elements that create a special atmosphere. But that's not all! From the Windows of the fancy shapes a stunning view of green valley, ocean and mountains in the background. What else is needed for happiness?

The owner of "Home of the Flintstones" was the famous American TV host dick Clark, but a couple of years ago he put it up for sale. To purchase an exclusive estate over $ 3.5 million. Begin to accumulate.

House-Church (Netherlands)

Under the leadership of the company Zecc Architecten in Utrecht, the town was rebuilt and converted 2 abandoned Church. Outside, the building looks like a Church but inside is a stylish, modern apartment (although not feeling that you are in the temple). To buy it can be anyone.

Home-Church of the company Zecc Architecten

For some the idea of using "house of God" thus seems a blasphemy, but for the whole of the Netherlands there are more than 1000 closed churches, half of which have already started to decay. Reuse is the only way to prevent the disappearance of historical sites.

The house is in a dumpster (Brooklyn)

Gregory Kloen designer from California, has transformed an old dumpster into a unique living space. The size of "house" – about 2*2 m. It's like a tent for camping. Inside there is a kitchen with a stove, a microwave, mini-stove, sleeping area, storage space and even a small toilet and a summer shower! Water comes from a rain water tank installed on the roof.

The house is in a dumpster

Closely! But you can move the house anywhere you want. Now it is in the art center in Red hook (new York). The designer believes that such housing is the future: — "Found soul mate? You can weld your containers together. Had a child? Joined the third container. And he wanted to divorce – separated tanks and dispersed in different directions".

Home-shell (Mexico)

The Nautilus house in Mexico city was designed by architect Javier Senosian. It was built in 2006 for a young family with two children, who are tired of conventional housing.

The Nautilus house in Mexico city

Inspired by the work of Gaudi and Frank Lloyd Wright, Senosiain has created a house-shell with smooth surfaces, spiral stairs and natural plantings. An interesting feature of the building – lots of Windows-stained glass Windows that cast colorful rays into the room.

Incidentally, this organic design is becoming increasingly popular. It is called the "bioarchitecture".

Steel house (Texas)

It's not exactly housing, but a giant work of art. Created with his own hands the sculptor Robert Bruno. In the manufacture took 150 tons of rough steel. Each part was welded manually. The interior is made of wood, many Windows, stained glass Windows.

Steel house by Robert Bruno

The building has a very unusual form that can be interpreted in different ways. Some believe that it looks like a UFO, others have likened him with a giant robot from "Star wars".

The construction of the Robert Bruno began in 1973 and continued until his death in 2008. For masters of the Steel house was more of a hobby than a commercial project, so he never finished.

Today, almost 10 years after the death of the architect, the house is a Museum, watched by the neighbor Bruno Charles Hobbs. Although many urged him to complete the construction, Hobbs has not agreed to honor the memory of the deceased.

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