Aug 10, 2022
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The most repulsive male flaws

The most repulsive male flaws

All women have different tastes and preferences in relation to the opposite sex, but as for the shortcomings, there are several masculine qualities that can drive almost any woman into a frenzy.

1. Boastfulness. This character trait is unpleasant in any person. Even if a man has a solid bank account, or looks like Apollo, or a Nobel Prize candidate, or (oh my God!) all of this, he should not brag about it. And if a man boasts from scratch, then this is completely disgusting.

2. Greed. A woman is familiar with the concept of “thrift”, in the eyes of some it is very commendable. However, never, for anything, in no case should you save on your beloved. If a man spares money for a woman, then she is not dear to him. What kind of woman would like that?

3. Narcissism. A normal woman expects any feelings from a man, from simple sympathy to fiery passion. Narcissus, on the other hand, experiences such emotions only for himself, he needs a woman next to him only to praise himself. It is unlikely that anyone willingly agrees to be a “free application” to such a narcissistic type.

4. Untidiness. Until now, some representatives of the stronger sex believe that “a man should smell like a man”, that dirty hands, unkempt nails and three-day stubble are a sign of masculinity. But such a man can only be admired at a decent distance; for close contacts, a woman will still prefer someone who uses a shower, deodorant and knows the purpose of nail scissors.

5. Debauchery. When a man, walking next to a woman, frankly stares at other persons, evaluates their legs, chest, waist, etc. – it’s disgusting, disgusting, rude. This suggests that either he is extremely frivolous about his companion, or he is terribly tactless, and one does not exclude the other. And if, God forbid, he also compares his partner with others! And if not only looks, speaks, but also acts!

6. Inattention. You can repeat hundreds of times: a woman requires attention. If a man did not remember the date they met, did not notice a new blouse or hairstyle, forgot what kind of coffee she likes, the woman concludes that she and everything connected with her is not interesting to him.

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