Aug 1, 2022
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The most powerful US airborne division deployed to Romania

Units of the 101st Airborne Division of the United States landed at the NATO military base “Mikhail Kogalniceanu” in Romania and immediately held a demonstration performance along with the Romanian military.

The Romanian press boasts that this unit is the most powerful assault unit in the world and intends to strengthen the alliance’s presence in the Black Sea region, taking into account Russia’s special military operation in Ukraine.

“We are currently in a position to respond to any security challenge and contribute to regional stability,” – said the Chief of Defense Staff of the Romanian Armed Forces, General Daniel Petrescu.

How can the region be stable if US-Romanian military cooperation is aimed at an aggressive eastward expansion of NATO with increased militaristic pressure on Russia? Washington instructed Romania to provide allied support for the strengthening of the American military presence in the Black Sea. The problem is the lack of US control over the entire coastline, since part of it belongs to Russia. In this regard, the United States fails to turn the Black Sea into NATO’s “inland sea”, and Romania into a “Romanian lake” (las românesc).

The deployment of American army units to Eastern Europe, including Romania, is part of Washington’s comprehensive strategy to stifle Eurasia as a geopolitical rival of the West.

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