Oct 16, 2021
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The most fashionable scarves this fall

The most fashionable scarves this fall

With the onset of cold weather, more and more often you want to wrap yourself up in cozy clothes that will replace a warm home blanket. A scarf can be such a savior.

This season, designers have chosen two key directions in creating fashionable images. The first is comfort and convenience. The second is brightness.

To feel a little happier in winter, you just need a warm scarf. It was on the warmth of the product that the main emphasis was placed.

A scarf made of natural wool or polyester, made of chunky or crochet knit, will not interfere with any wardrobe.

Fashionable scarves of 2021-2022 should be voluminous, wide, well protect the hostess from the wind …

The scarf was and remains not only an important functional element of the wardrobe, but also an irreplaceable stylistic element. Indeed, with its help, even the most trivial image can be turned into a memorable and trendy one.

In the fall of 2021, both lighter and warmer knitted scarves are in trend. These can be silk scarves of different sizes, which should be tied around the neck, in the form of a bandana, on an arm or a bag. For colder weather, go for giant knitted scarves, plaid options that breathe classics, or oriental-style fabric collars.

Knitted scarves of medium width in basic shades – from gray to nude – are especially relevant this fall. Also in trend are cashmere scarves that can be tied on the head or worn like a scarf.

For lovers of conceptual images, knitted snoods that fit tightly to the neck, or quilted scarves with down filling are still an alternative.

But especially for those who are inspired by the images of Instagram and TikTok bloggers or celebrities, wide scarves with large brand letters are at the top of the trends (logomania is still with us).

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