Jul 1, 2020
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The most beautiful and unusual statuses about November

Beautiful statuses about November — for those who are imbued with the autumn mood. And remember: to be in a bad mood or trying to change it — only you can decide.

In November, fall only to the most desperateyoung couple in November

  1. My dreams are crumbling as rapidly as the days grow shorter in late fall.
  2. Just a little bit, and everything is covered with snow. How this solemnly sad!
  3. And whose idea was it to call November in the fall. And in fact it's winter...
  4. November is another matter. Even than September and October.
  5. Few people realise that November is also the cozy home atmosphere and the approaching New year.
  6. Kissing in the November special. They have more hope, they have more obligations.
  7. Autumn — traditionally the most beautiful time of the year. But what do you say about November?
  8. In November, people are more clearly seen as kindness. Among spring bustle that somehow did not notice.
  9. If you hurt loving you, you become like the autumn, shamelessly off the trees.
  10. November wasn't. He just came into my life, and then vanished in my thoughts.

Birds have long gone SouthPark in November

As you know, November is the time of couch potatoes. So they will especially enjoy statuses about Nov with meaning.

  1. November is the saddest month because nature just “died”.
  2. No wonder November is the time when the use of tea and coffee is increasing dramatically.
  3. If your November be filled with love, then you will not notice how it goes!
  4. If you are not able to find happiness in October, well, we have November!
  5. November is a time when you have to sit at home, sleep early, be nervous less and rejoice more.
  6. Look at bare branches, and I understand that in September they were leaves, and even green...
  7. I love waking up in the night in November, and again fall asleep to the sound of pattering drops..
  8. In November is neither strong winds nor severe frosts. But all is covered with a thin and unbearably painful crust of ice...
  9. To brighten up this sad Nov can only sudden infatuation.
  10. The best thing about November is the home warm. In the summer it is, but it feels different.

Soon winterforest road in autumn

Funny statuses about November — for those who don't want to miss this special moment. The time of the last farewell to the summer.

  1. November — quite a good month, if not to remember about the summer...
  2. Take a stroll Sunday in November — not the best idea. You still wet the rain, so sit yourself at home!
  3. November — time to turn people, who happened to be next to you in the former.
  4. The biggest nature lovers markedly in November. And then on may pohodke and I can walk...
  5. If you complain about the darkness in November, wait: there'll be snow.
  6. How to determine the month? Look for socks or underpants on the battery.
  7. What's there to wait! Let's decorate the Christmas tree in November!
  8. November is the time or sad or very warm smiles. generally people can see through.
  9. November is a time when you from the salary you need to allocate money for a jacket, boots and hat.
  10. I wanted to take off your clothes your eyes, but in November, alas, it is too much.

November — a time when we need to do everything slowerthe first snow in November

It is not necessary to think about a good autumn, it must be created. And this will help you statuses about November in verse.

  1. Beauty Nov not to understand you randomly. Not to find her casually, not to reveal her secret...
  2. People with complex fate in the fall once off. People with complex fate November for sadness do not think.
  3. How good to me from what my hands warm. And though the November window, I spring recall.
  4. The sun was falling over the sky. It was wet, it was wet. This is the kind of weather that I love!
  5. Smoking should fall to inhale the smoke of mindless. She is given to us, no crying, no noise.
  6. A useless lump of leaves will give us the month of November. Yes, and rains, winds and rains, and us a little heat at least.
  7. September bouquet, and the October foliage. And what about November? Dirt, mess. Unfortunate it a month, love it. Ah, the people! He himself had no luck!
  8. Birds Otricoli, South flew. My own November what we wanted?
  9. Winter not far off, will not the summer with us. November removed the leaves got warm and fell asleep.
  10. Take the cat and do not grieve, it must somehow continue to live, to dream, to hope, to love!

November — time to wonder: will we have snow or notfirst snow fall in the Park

Short statuses about November — for those who came home from work in a sad mood. If we are sad, it is beautiful, and together with nature!

  1. Freezing birds don't know that there is a warm apartment.
  2. And you imagine that this coolness is freedom!
  3. Cold is the weather, and soul should be warm.
  4. Important in November — not stop listening to depressing music.
  5. In November no need to fight. Need a hug.
  6. The strange thing was clear weather in November.
  7. November this is the time to take pictures.
  8. In November, it is much easier to realize that your life is insignificant.
  9. Why bother to do something in November, if you can sad?!
  10. And in November -the lowest clouds.
  11. November is a new playlist and a new coffee recipe.
  12. November-the same month as all. For someone successful, for someone — no.
  13. November looks different, if you look at it from under the blanket.
  14. Just a little bit, and November. Again.
  15. November — when it is not hot at midday, but always cold.

Tell us what you think about November you. Of course, it doesn't have to be only a sad status!

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