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The most amazing cats

Cats are very wonderful creatures who live alongside a human 9,500 years. Among the numerous representatives of these Pets are truly extraordinary individuals with unique characteristics. How to look like the most amazing cat in the world? In this collection are those whose documents are traditionally considered whiskers, paws and tail. But it turns out even these body parts can vary significantly in different Pets, and some of them are absent.

Tailless cats

What could be more surprising than a cat without a tail? The Manx is the only breed that has lost a natural for most cat decoration like the tail in the result of natural mutation, not human experiments.

The Manx

Interesting fact! According to legend, the Manx was left without a tail since the days of the flood, when the latter jumped on Noah’s Ark and crushed him closing the door.

But not all manxy are tailless. The breeders there are 5 categories depending on the severity of tail from total absence to a standard length. The presence of a tail at least one of the parents is a prerequisite when crossing, or their offspring cannot survive.


Unlike the previous breed the Bobtail has a curved tail, the length of which can vary from 3 to 12 cm depending on the specific varieties: Japanese, Kuril Bobtail or American. All cats in this group have a good temperament, love active entertainment and respond well to training. The OES has two features: their hair is not getting wet while bathing and almost never strays into mats.

Note! Since Medieval times, the Japanese believed that cat’s tail is the place of accumulation of negative energy and evil forces, so storage of the hearth, they preferred to exclusively cats without tails.


Another amazing tailless breed – pixie-Bob, which is considered one of the most jealous in the world. These artificially bred animals that vaguely resemble lynx, deprived of only a small or a substantial part of the tail: its length varies in the range of 2.5-15 cm.

Kinky studs

The list of the most amazing cats in the world rightfully got a whole group of species, United by one feature – curly hair due to the natural mutation of genes. In the name of most of them there is part of the “Rex”, which tells about the presence in the body of the Rex gene responsible for quadravest.

Cornish Rex cats

The Cornish Rex is a small graceful animal with a dry body type that are very easy to maintenance and care: they do not fade do not sweat, do not mark territory, do not climb on tables, not revenge. The main feature of their appearance in the absence of guard hairs so coat is formed from the undercoat and due to the waviness gives cats “Astrakhan” look.

The Devon Rex

Devon Rex cats have a graceful appearance: long fragile limbs, a small head with large ears and slanted eyes, short muscular body, covered in wavy fur.

Important! Devon Rex cats do not cause allergic reactions even in the most sensitive of Allergy sufferers, but scientists can not yet find an explanation for this unusual fact.

The Selkirk Rex

The Selkirk Rex can be both long-and short-haired. The degree of quadravest depends on their hormonal levels, climate and time of year. With up to 2 years of Selkirk may periodically turn from curly to smooth and Vice versa. Among also meet representatives with normal hair. To determine the type of hair you can still have the newborn kitten’s whiskers: they are smooth, straight, and curly curled.


The laperm is another amazing breed of cat with an extraordinary appearance, whose fur long curls spirals and curls. It is this feature reflected in the title: French la console connected to the root of the word permanent meaning long hold a Perm. Surprisingly, the La Perm kittens are often born bald and only with age, acquire a characteristic curls.

The hairless cats

About these cat representatives often been described as extraterrestrial beings, to emphasize their uniqueness and unusual compared to other cats. Despite the rather unusual appearance and lack of hair, these amazing cats have many admirers all over the world.


To the bare rocks, which are derived by artificial means, are:

  • The Sphynx – one of the most popular naked cats, the history of which began in Canada in the 60-ies of XX century, but according to some, they were known in the times of the Incas and the Egyptian pharaohs.
  • Petersburg Sphinx (Peterbald) is a relatively young breed, yet rarely found outside of Russia. In addition to the characteristic thin body, large ears and almond-shaped eyes Peterbald has webbed feet.
  • Elf has big ears in the form of curved shells, which he had inherited from their ancestors curls, and bare or covered with inconspicuous down the body with rare fur, the ears, muzzle and tail.
  • Ukrainian Levkoy – another descendant of sphinxes, which can be curled or straight ears. Among the Wallflowers occur as hairless cats, and animals with fur. Despite the rather fearsome appearance, the Wallflowers lack of aggressiveness and is considered one of the most gentle breeds.

The Ukrainian Levkoy

Naked among cats there is one amazing breed, which is considered one of the most rare Hawaiian hairless or kohona. According to various estimates there are from 17 to 40 individuals of these cats and only 3 of the kennel for their breeding. Many people confuse them with the sphinxes, but they differ in head shape and the presence of numerous folds (especially in the head). Skin Hawaiian hairless reminiscent of warm rubber or slightly melted paraffin.

Hawaiian hairless

But the main feature that makes kohono one of the most amazing cats in the world – the complete absence of hair follicles, which in principle excludes the possibility of hair growth, eyebrows or vibrissa.

Home “predators”

Breeders still do not get tired to compete in the breeding of Pets, the appearance of which will be completely identical to their counterparts living in the wild.

The Savannah cat

One of these amazing cats is a Savannah with a distinctive leopard color, for breeding which used a wild Serval. It is a large animal with muscular legs that have good jumping ability, love to swim, hunt and walk on a leash. This amazing breed is one of the most expensive and is particularly prevalent among the wealthy people of the UAE, where over kittens with a good pedigree asking $ 4,000.

Cat of the Serengeti

Elegant Serengeti resemble cats Savannah, but have slightly smaller and more gentle nature. Nevertheless it’s a pretty large animals that prefer active lifestyle, so they are not suitable for keeping in an apartment.


Tigers fans can also get into your home its a miniature copy of the toyger with its characteristic black and yellow striped color. But by nature it is unobtrusive and playful Pets that are perfectly adapted for life in the apartment. The name toyger is a game 2 the English word “toy” (toy) and “tiger” (tiger).

Other features

As a result of natural genetic mutation had such a wonderful breed of cats as the American mnohopillia, and the man contributed to the preservation and spread of these unusual animals around the world. Unlike normal cats, which have in total 18 fingers (5 and 4 on front and hind paws respectively), the American megaplug may be assessed on each of the clutches to 7 fingers.

American mnogobabla

Interesting! The “extra” fingers are sometimes found kittens are pixie-Bob that does not affect the purity of the breed and the opportunity to participate in exhibitions.


Another “creation” gene mutations or Munchkin “cat tax”, as it is called due to short limbs. Paws Munchkin 2-3 times shorter than the “traditional” cat’s limbs. This feature did not affect the way of life of these animals, except that they can’t jump as high as other cats, but will always find a way how to get to your goal. This moving and playful animals, who are happy to walk on a leash and can even learn commands. To have a look, they often stand on their hind legs and to maintain balance resting on the floor by the tail. Because of interbreeding with other Munchkin cat appear not less wonderful cats:

  • minskin – bald cat with short legs, obtained by crossing with the Sphynx;
  • Napoleon dwarf pet with a long thick coat and short legs, the result of interbreeding with the Persian cat.

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