Nov 9, 2021
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The Moscow Art Theater is not going to pay Olga Buzova


The presenter and singer Olga Buzova demands to pay her half a million.

The artist openly declares that the Moscow Art Theater owes her half a million rubles for canceled performances. The singer threatens to go to court, but the theater responds that they are not going to give anything away.

The new general director of the Gorky Moscow Art Theater, Vladimir Kekhman, commented on the scandal that Olga Buzova made. Earlier in social networks, she said that she had not received the due 446 thousand rubles for two performances. She tried to solve the problem peacefully, but to no avail, so she goes to court.

Kekhman, however, was surprised by such statements, since he believes: no work – no money. “The singer, who says that the Moscow Art Theater owes her money, is simply disingenuous, – said Kekhman. – The Moscow Art Theater does not owe her absolutely a single penny“, Quoted by TASS.

Olga Buzova
Olga Buzova

The head of the theater confirmed that two contracts were signed with the 35-year-old presenter, but for the performance of future performances. They were canceled due to poor ticket sales, and the deed of works was not signed. “Therefore, formally, the theater does not owe her anything “– explains Vladimir Abramovich.

What Olga will answer to this is not yet clear. Emotions leaped up in her, because the singer fell in love with the theater with all her heart and believes that she coped with the role perfectly. In addition, she publishes reports from which it follows: tickets for the “Wonderful Georgian” sold well, and the audience liked the production.

Note that Olga was supposed to appear on the stage of the Moscow Art Theater on November 2, as well as at the end of December. According to her, for the sake of these dates, she refused lucrative contracts.

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