May 7, 2021
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The month day is now May 8, 2021

The month day is now May 8, 2021

The moon is the most energetically powerful sparkle in the night sky, since it will be at our home distance. Astrologers told how the satellite of the Earth will be approaching this Saturday.

This day can be difficult, unpredictable and even dangerous. Try to free yourself from negativity and achieve harmony. Five effective exercises in this regard will be extremely healthy.

Moon phase: begins the 27th lunar day, which is destined to pass under the control of Aries. The month is drawing to a close, the month is decreasing, which means that times of dissonance await us, because Aries feels like at the end of the waning phase. This means that the day in the distance will not be the most suitable.

Magnetic storms on May 8: magnetic storms are not expected now. Strong solar flares were not noticed.

confidence; independence; meetings with relatives; calmness and regularity; punctuality. purchases and any transactions with money; law violation; long stay alone.

If we are to do some business, then let it be some kind of airy things around the house. You can continue the repairs started earlier, but you should not spend the whole day on this. If you are bored of what the interior of an apartment or house looks like, you can simply rearrange the furniture. Experts advise not to involve your loved ones in household chores. Working together will not unite your family, but, on the contrary, will bring some disagreements.

It is more important to choose something as inconspicuous as possible from clothes. The smaller you attract attention, the more important it will be. The likelihood of quarrels and conflicts will be even tinier if you exclude red and white clothes from the image. The emerald suit will help restore the strength lost this week.

The healthiest minerals include turquoise, jasper, jade and carnelian. Of the jewelry, products made of ceramics or wood will now be healthy. Earth Release will have a positive effect on your mood.

Today is one of the most dangerous days for financial transactions. If you suddenly have to make a large purchase, try to use a special conspiracy so as not to waste pennies. People of all specialties will have some difficulty in motivating. Moderate your ambition.

If you have to go to work, try to act confidently. This will help you get your way. Avoid teamwork, because nowadays people are not in the mood for positive communication. Astrologers point out that latent competition thrives on such days. Avoid unlawful acts and violations of traffic rules.

Energy is now on the decline. Instead of positive thoughts, the minds can show newfound trepidation and self-doubt, so the day is not suitable for intellectual activity and learning. It is more important as if you can rest more and try to channel extra energy into the channel kind-heartedly. Excessive negativity will help drive out moderate carnal activity.

The 27th lunar day is unfavorable for any new beginnings. Try not to waste your vital energy, do not overload your own body. Any overwork is now extremely dangerous. It can negatively affect all areas of life.

This day is inextricably linked with family ties, with consanguinity. Anything related to family will now bring good luck. It is harmless not to promise anything to anyone and not to ask outsiders for anything. You just have to be kind-hearted. You can visit relatives, arrange a small family feast.

If married people live such days relatively well, then loners are brought to disaster. They have an exacerbated feeling of anxiety and melancholy. The desire to find a soul mate as soon as possible, to tell someone about your experiences, but all this will only have a recurrent effect.

On this day, you can do kind-hearted deeds. It is likely that they will help you get rid of the karmic debts that you have accumulated over a long time. Do your best and do not pursue easy money.

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