May 1, 2021
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The month day is now May 2, 2021

The month day is now May 2, 2021

The month is constantly changing its posture, which is why its energy also changes. Try to follow the lunar month in order to be aware of how our night sparkle will be approaching one day or another.

This day will be very suitable for people with a bright aura. Kindness will save the world and make it more important, therefore, astrologers advise on days like this to do the right thing, come out to meet a friend and strive for mutual understanding and harmony.

Moon phase: outside the window there are 21 lunar days, which means that the month will be in a decreasing phase. She will be under the influence of Capricorn, which is ideally combined with the waning phase. This means that the day will be very suitable and perfect for disastrous intellectual or carnal work.

Magnetic storms on May 2: flares were detected on the sun a few days ago. The likelihood of magnetic storms appearing will be high.

new devalas; Work; physical work; introspection; reconciliation. passivity; clarification of the relationship; uncertainty.

Astrologers and experts say this will be the perfect day for unusually urgent home affairs. You can start doing home repairs, move to another apartment. Tremendous success awaits everyone who will work from home that day. Do not forget about spiritual transformation, spiritual practices, which will also be very successful at home.

From clothes it is worth giving preference to something as comfortable as possible. Comfort will prevail over style. As for the choice of colors, you need to choose those shades that are associated with the elements of the Earth: marsh, brown, emerald, agate. All these nuances can be fearlessly combined with a friend. They will increase your spiritual and physical strength.

Of the talisman stones, it is also worth giving preference to the stones of the Earth: obsidian, agate, hematite. Of the jewelry, it is more important to choose products made of wood, ceramics, cupronickel.

This is the day of internal reorganization, transformation of thoughts and energy of people. This process will be almost unnoticeable. Nowadays, you can easily adapt utilitarian to any changes in life. The body is saturated with the positive energy of the Moon, so that each of us will have your chance to start life from scratch.

The day is good for introspection. You can try to analyze all the troubles and problems that came with you in the past, try to understand the reasons for their occurrence. 21 lunar days can prepare not the sweetest surprises for all of us, for which it is impossible to prepare. These events will help to revise worldly principles, to become wiser.

If in the past weeks you have caused trouble to other people, repent of this, ask for forgiveness. This will greatly strengthen the relationship and make people respect you. Anyone who now admits his gibberish will be rewarded with the love of his loved ones. Clarifying relationships, on the other hand, can lead to big problems.

Anyone who will be in a relationship should be close to the other half. At least part of the free time should be devoted to joint affairs. For those who will be in search for as long as possible, it is more important to postpone flirting and dating for later. Thoughts about this will distract from work and business, and you will not be able to keep up with two birds with one stone.

Astrologers strongly advise staying focused and organized at all times. Anyone who wants to maintain or increase their income will benefit from the ability to adapt to circumstances. Do not be afraid to change tactics, revise your plans. The day is suitable both for active work and travel, as well as for serene intellectual work.

Financial problems can be caused by absolute passivity and indifference. If you have to buy something expensive, it is more important to try to find several options.

The day is good for any kind of reorganization. Now you can grasp at new devalas, make new plans, fearlessly look into the future.

Try to remember the power of creative thinking, because now it will be the most basic circumstance for achieving the set rounder. Cheer up and fight negative memories.

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