Apr 30, 2021
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The month day is now May 1, 2021

The month day is now May 1, 2021

Timely recommendations from astrologers will help you start May safely and without fail. Thanks to their prompts, it will come out to use the energy of the moon for their own good and bypass the Palestinian problem.

May begins with a weekend, and astrologers call this day suitable. The experts of the site recommend starting the 1st day with good thoughts, so that the day will pass successfully and without troubles.

Moon phase: The 20th lunar day will sparkle at night in the Sign of Capricorn. The Falling Month in alliance with this constellation gives a favorable energy that can be used to restore strength, internal growth and development.

Magnetic storms on May 1: the Earth’s magnetosphere will be out of the influence of solar vortices, however, solar disturbances are possible in the coming days, so it is majestic to monitor your well-being.

privacy; meditation to restore mental balance; farewell to the obsolete past; travels. financial operations; vanity; long stay among a large number of people; indulging in bad fashions.

The Falling Month in Capricorn is a great time to clean up your house, free up space from the pile of pieces and breathe uncontrollably. Astrologers recommend not to take on all the devala all of a sudden, but to draw up a plan of actions so as not to overwork yourself and not become hostages of negative thoughts. It will be a good day for wandering, to relax and enjoy the new impressions.

On Saturday, individual comfort will be the main criterion. A suit from natural manufactories that does not hinder movement will be preferable to synthetics and tight-fitting clothing. The colors of the day are the nuances of cornflower blue. Thanks to this color scheme, it will be possible to compare the differences in location and bypass Palestinian conflict situations.

Astrologers recommend choosing jewelry from silver and platinum, which will protect against negativity and help maintain inner harmony. Cupronickel, crystal and jasper are suitable as amulets.

Under the influence of the falling moon, internal transformations occur in Capricorn, when you can easily get rid of internal blocks and everything that holds back and does not allow development. Meditative practices will help you replenish energy reserves and enjoy peace, while soothing herbal infusions will bring back the boom and help boost immunity.

On May 1, it will be easier for lovers to find a common language, come to their senses for agreements and find compromises. Astrologers recommend not to be ashamed of the manifestation of emotions, but only if they are positive, and do not entail destructive actions.

Finding a partner on this day can turn into disappointment, so you don’t need to give yourself false hopes. Rock will put everything in its place, and a fateful meeting will certainly happen, but for now, you can attract love with meditation.

On Saturday, astrologers recommend abandoning financial transactions because of the risk of turning in the wrong place and being left without an impressive part of the savings. The day is good for finishing work, privacy and planning. A leisurely solution to pressing demands in silence will be optimal. It will also be appropriate to obtain new knowledge in order to use it later in practice and apply for a good position or dream job.

On Saturday, positive changes will not be long in coming, if you trust your intuition and take your time with important decisions. An important approach and inner balance will help you achieve what you want.

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