Jan 31, 2021
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The month day is now January 31, 2021

The month day is now January 31, 2021

To end January on a positive note and not miss out on luck, the astrologers’ recommendations, reproduced in the daily monthly word, will help. Their advice will help bring the needed change to life.

Sunday is not very positive, but you will succeed in attracting good luck in business if you carefully look at the events around you and trust your intuition. Experts recommend abandoning adventures and risky bets so as not to incur trouble.

Moon phase: 19 lunar days. The Falling Month in Virgo is a time when there is a danger of being warmed up by one’s own illusions or surroundings.

Magnetic storms on January 31: solar activity is minimal. The Earth’s magnetosphere will be out of reach of solar vortices.

privacy; completion of the current devalues; attracting positive thoughts; fighting fears; honesty. risks and adventures; trust in rumors; lack of attention to detail; aggression.

On the last day of January, astrologers recommend postponing devalas, which cause boredom and spoil the approach. Homework on this day is in a good position, and if cleaning is annoying, then it should be postponed. On a Sunday, you should not invite unfamiliar people to visit, which may bring antipathy news and rumors.

On Sunday, the stately companions of success will be important and thoughtfulness, thanks to which it will come out to keep luck and not conflict. Indigo, cornflower blue, sapphire nuances will help maintain inner balance and distinguish truth from lies.

Astrologers recommend choosing natural minerals from jewelry that impart confidence and increase motivation: rock crystal, citrine, jasper, carnelian. Silver jewelry will help protect yourself from attention from ill-wishers.

On Sunday, a romantic relationship will be an incentive for development, but if there is no disposition, then it is better to postpone dates so as not to quarrel with the chosen ones. In a family circle, a serene relationship is needed without quarrels and discontent. This day will be successful for new acquaintances, however, astrologers recommend being attentive to premonitions so as not to become hostages of manipulators.

Collective work will progress well on Sunday, but it is important to be vigilant so as not to get stuck. On such days, you cannot trust rumors and unverified information, so as not to lose your savings, trusting unfamiliar people.

Financial activity should be visited for creation: this can be the purchase of goods planned earlier, the purchase of the necessary clothing, food, goods for maintenance.

The month is decreasing, however, there is enough strength and energy, which means that you should not remain in a static position. Carnal loads will help you to quickly compare with stress and an overabundance of emotions, as well as improve the tone of the body. Positive thoughts and rejection of illusions will help you stay in good disposition. Trying to hide from pressing problems will not lead to happiness. On this day, tonic herbal preparations will not be excessive, which will help to mobilize strength and get rid of apathy.

January is coming to an end, and on the last day of the month it is imposing to direct forces to meet current demands, so as not to take on unnecessary work and not become hostages of your own laziness.

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