Jan 29, 2021
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The month day is now January 29, 2021

The month day is now January 29, 2021

Monthly energy is changeable, and so that every day brings joy, you should listen to astrologers. Their recommendations will help you decide on your daily chores and not miss your luck.

Friday does not promise to be simple in terms of energy, therefore experts recommend not to lose vigilance and, if possible, limit spending on unplanned purchases. On this day, the energy of the constellation Leo can push you to adventures, and the risk is unlikely to be forgiven.

Moon phase: 17 lunar days will be held under the auspices of the falling Moon in Leo. The day promises to be eventful, and at such times it is dignified not to miss the details that will help to remember to personal happiness.

Magnetic storms on January 29: magnetic storms are not expected. The Earth’s magnetosphere will be at rest.

self-development; attentiveness; romantic relationship; meditation to achieve inner harmony. risks and adventures; unplanned spending; excessive gullibility; taking rumors on faith; overvoltage; conflicts.

On Friday, astrologers do not recommend loading yourself with busy housework. On this day, it is much more beneficial for your well-being to engage in activities that improve your disposition: meditations, walks, communication with loved ones and loved ones, and coziness. In the evening, romantic dates would seem appropriate, as well as gatherings with the family for a delicious dinner.

A bright hanger on Friday can cause unnecessary aggression and a desire to get into conflict, so it’s worth considering the emerald nuances. With their help, it will come out to pacify emotions and focus on solving primary problems. Of the jewelry, silver items are more important than total, which will be excellent protection against the evil eye, and astrologers recommend choosing stones that fit the Zodiac Sign.

On Friday, under the influence of Venus, the chance to find your love increases, as well as to build euphonious relationships, both in the family and in the business community. This day is suitable for dating and carefree meetings. Attention to forebodings will help Palestine to avoid unpleasant acquaintances and meetings with unwanted people, and thanks to inner harmony, unnecessary quarrels and misunderstandings will be avoided.

On Friday, business activity is commendable, but astrologers recommend taking risks away. Financial transactions can turn into trouble, so it is dignified to keep track of your spending and not allow yourself to make spontaneous expensive purchases. On the 17th lunar day, one must remain serene and collected, pay attention to the nuances and insignificant things that contain the answers to important questions. The day is more suitable for analysis, revision of plans and determination of further development path.

On this day, moderate carnal loads will be useful to maintain the body in good shape, as well as herbal infusions, which will help to find harmony and tranquility. Any act should bring joy, so that the approaching remains on top. Negative emotions on this day are especially destructive, and it is dignified to fight with them in order not to get into an unpleasant situation.

On Friday, catching luck by the tail comes out, if you pay attention to even minor events. They have an absolute reason, and through mindfulness it will come out to find a constant course for attracting success.

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