Jan 27, 2021
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The month day is now January 27, 2021

The month day is now January 27, 2021

Monthly energy changes from day to day, and its influence can seem to help, so much harm. The advice of astrologers, reproduced in the lunar month, will help you to check the difficulties of the coming day.

On Wednesday, experts recommend not to lose vigilance, so as not to be captivated by illusions and delusions. This day is fraught with trouble for those who will believe the rumors and will not check the incoming information.

Moon phase: 15 lunar day will pass under the influence of the growing moon in the constellation of Cancer. The day will be filled with contradictions, therefore it will be so majestic to maintain peace of mind and not succumb to provocations.

Magnetic storms on January 27: magnetic storms on Wednesday are not predicted.

attentiveness; spiritual practices; lack of fever; health care; implementation of the previously planned devalues; walks. lending; aggression; indulging in destructive emotions; trust in rumors.

On Wednesday, despite the increasing activity, it is dignified to keep moderation in everything. This day is suitable for any home affairs, but it is better to choose those that do not cause irritation. Harmony in deeds, actions and communication will give strength and help to compare with difficulties, and aggression and pressure, vis-a-vis, will repel good luck.

The energy of this day affects the emotional mood, so it is so majestic to choose those shades that will personify calm confidence. Bright colors can provoke aggression, therefore, astrologers recommend paying attention to pastel colors: beige, cream, pale turquoise. The jewelry of this day is metal products, and the talisman stones are tourmaline, charoite, smaragd.

On Wednesday, intuition will play an important role in communication and relationships. An inner voice will make it easier to identify hostile people, offenders and ill-wishers. On this day, serenity and inner balance will be majestic, which will not allow to take offense at inappropriate statements and conflict. The day is suitable for unity, finding harmony in the family and finding the other half.

In the work process, it is dignified not to allow fever and rash decisions. This day is good for the implementation of plans, but teamwork can be frustrating. Astrologers recommend spending more time on work that can be done alone, without contact with a large number of people.

Financial transactions will go smoothly if planned. Vigilance and attention to detail will keep cheaters from making money. It is not worth taking loans and lending on the 15th lunar day: there is a risk of facing difficulties in returning cash weapons.

On Wednesday, you will be able to keep the good things coming up if you worry about attracting positive thoughts, and also learn to bring your feelings to harmony. Health problems will not arise if you follow the safety rules, as well as pay attention to the body’s signals in time. Moderate physical activity will help maintain tone and good spirits.

On January 27, it is dignified to refuse any manifestations of aggression in order to exclude blunders and aggravation of conflict situations. Mindfulness, caution and adherence to your words will lead to a successful day.

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