Jan 26, 2021
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The month day is now January 26, 2021

The month day is now January 26, 2021

The monthly calendar is a round base of knowledge that combines centuries of experience and observations of astrologers for the night star. Try to follow the advice of experts to be happier in business and in love.

It is now airy to succumb to illusions. There are six main reasons why people get lost in life. The likelihood of losing touch with reality will increase this Tuesday. Remember these reasons so as not to embark on the path of defeat and problems.

Moon phase: begins 14 lunar day… It will be ruled by Cancer. Astrologers note that many of our deeds will be mirror-like. What we do, so will they do with us. Also, the Month will help to see the first fruits of our labors and the consequences of earlier decisions.

Magnetic storms on January 26: No flares have been seen on the Sun, so magnetic storms are not expected.

saving; restraint; privacy; moderate self-criticism. deception; disputes; selfishness; excessive criticism in your address.

Astrologers and experts on this day advise to do small chores around the house. You should not start anything unnecessarily complicated, for example, repairs: it can take a long time. You can rearrange the furniture and clean up a little. On the 14th lunar day, home devalas should not be the main goal. Let them become an opportunity to escape from work, bad thoughts. Think of cleaning as an active holiday.

From clothes it is worth giving preference to something restrained and neat, not attracting innumerable attention. Now it is more important to stay in the shadows so as not to make enemies. A suit with a large abundance of black and gray tones will perfectly harmonize with such talismanic stones as opal, obsidian and hematite. From jewelry, you can give preference to platinum, ceramic or nickel-silver products.

If someone from the people around you point out your defect, make a remark or express criticism, do not be offended. It is worth reflecting on what they said to you. There will be countless truths in people’s words. If, on the contrary, someone praises you, welcome these words with dignity. Be sure to thank the person. People on the growing Moon in Cancer tend to tell the truth.

Before starting a new relationship, it is worth scrupulously weighing the pros and cons, checking compatibility. Try not to be influenced by others. No need to imitate someone, follow unsolicited advice. These are the times when amateurs of disguises, deceptions and intrigues become outsiders.

Save your judgment. At work, it is as if you can communicate with hypocrites and toxic people as little as possible. All stately deeds and negotiations should be postponed. Do more important things that will not take countless nerves and forces. If you decide to take on a major project, you will encounter obstacles along the way.

Lawsuits and costly acquisitions are now unacceptable. Very good if you have a day off this Tuesday. In general, a day of five is suitable for one-sounding work and reading. Lucky for freelancers and people who work alone. Tremendous financial difficulties await amateurs of risk and adventures.

These are the heyday and return of harmful mods. On such days, people are tormented by nightmares, shows the feeling that someone is trying to interfere with their happiness. To maintain a healthy disposition and productivity, it is worth staying self-critical. Try not to overeat now, not to play too many sports, not to mess around. Truth is in harmony and moderation. Excess will be harmful.

Tremendous problems can await representatives of the selfish Zodiac Signs on January 26. Do not think only of yourself – it is very dangerous. Remain discreet and discreet no matter what happens.

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