Feb 21, 2021
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The month day is now February 22, 2021

The month day is now February 22, 2021

The approaching moon changes from day to day, which is why it is so majestic to listen to the opinion of astrologers. Their recommendations will help you navigate your day successfully and not get stumped by imprudence or fever.

A new week begins, and Monday can seem like a really disastrous day, if you rush, believe the rumors and ignore the premonitions. Experts recommend listening to the opinion of astrologers in order to navigate this day safely and not bring trouble into life.

Moon phase: in 12 lunar day the night sparkle will be in the growth phase and dwell in Cancer. These days are fraught with emotional instability, which can cause conflicts and disagreements, both in the business sphere and in personal life.

Magnetic storms on February 22: nonsense disturbance of the Earth’s magnetosphere is expected.

meditation to achieve inner harmony; health care; charity; completion of the current devalues; moderate carnal stress. lending; rush; faith in rumors; indulging in bad fashions; clarification of the relationship.

The impact of the constellation Cancer is conducive to household chores that can relieve stress and anxiety. On this day, it is great to get rid of trash, put things in their places, unload the hanger and clean up the home. Creating coziness will also help to keep things moving forward and find inner harmony. Astrologers also recommend removing things from the house that are associated with bad memories in order to cleanse the den from the accumulation of negative energy.

On Monday, clear nuances in clothing will help keep the good looks. It is worth giving up the flashy colors, which will excite the nervous system. Chestnut, orange and green nuances will bring good luck.

The mascot stones of this day are lapis lazuli, coral, mother of pearl. These minerals will help to protect yourself from trouble and maintain inner harmony. Of the decorations, wood products are more important than total.

In business on Monday, it is dignified to keep moderation in everything and not rush to make important decisions. Completion of the deval will be the most important work, but new undertakings can provoke shallow troubles. Solitary work will be preferable – disagreements may arise in the team, which will add neither optimism nor efficiency.

Astrologers recommend on Monday to abandon lending and lending out their savings. These days are not intended for active financial transactions, which may well provoke troubles and deprive them of monetary fortune in the future.

On Monday, new acquaintances can lead to disappointment, so looking for faithful friends or true love is more important on another day. There is a risk of being warmed up by the first impression, so it is dignified to use intuition so as not to start relationships with toxic people.

In family relationships, you will feel a little hassle, which will be smoothed out with attention and care. Under the influence of the Moon in Cancer, many will be sensitive, so even an imprudent word can offend inadvertently. If emotions take over, it’s more important to be alone in order to bring feelings into balance and avoid unnecessary conflicts.

On Monday, due to the nonsense indignation on the Sun, ailments and headaches are possible, which are majestic to stop with proven methods. On the 22nd, it is majestic to rest in time, taking breaks to replenish the reserve of strength and avoid overwork.

To maintain an excellent location, astrologers recommend not to neglect meditation. These exercises will help maintain emotional balance, not get upset over trifles and avoid conflict situations, resolving them peacefully.

On Monday, caution and responsibility will play a big role, as if positive affirmations. With their help, it will come out to start the week in a good mood and bring the necessary changes into life.

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