Dec 30, 2020
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The month day is now December 30, 2020

The month day is now December 30, 2020

Monthly energy is changeable, and its influence can play a cruel joke, forcing you to get nervous over trifles and make gibberish. On the day of the Full Moon, there are an abyss of risks, which advice from astrologers will help to go around.

The full moon on December 30 will take place in the Sign of Cancer, and this day will be filled with ambivalent emotions that need to be given a way out. Experts recommend that you be patient to end the day on a positive note and not become hostage to your own imprudence and shortsightedness.

Moon phase: 16 lunar day… The Full Moon in Cancer is a day of increased impulsiveness and unpleasant surprises. On this day, the risk of quarrels and conflicts increases.

Magnetic storms on December 30: no magnetic storms are predicted for this day.

positive attitude; physical activity; completion of the current devalues; meditation to achieve harmony. quarrels and conflicts; aggression; indulging in malicious mods; inattention to what is happening.

On the day of the Full Moon of strength, it will be enough for any deities, however, the risk of irritation and resentment is tremendous. In this regard, preparation for the holidays can be overshadowed by squabbles due to misunderstandings. Astrologers recommend keeping yourself in control and directing activity to a peaceful bed in order to get rid of aggression and the desire to conflict.

The cloudless colors of the day will be golden and golden. A suit that does not hinder movement, but is warm enough and made from natural manufactories will warm you and help create a positive attitude. The talisman stones hematite and zircon will help protect you from trouble. On this day, it is imposing to remain vigilant so as not to become victims of ill-wishers, and for this they use talismans that guard against damage and the evil eye.

The penultimate day before the New Year holidays is the time designated for the completion of the deval. In this stage, creative energy grows, and those who make efforts will be able to find for themselves things that will bring good profit.

On the day of the Full Moon, astrologers recommend individual work. In the team, disagreements and misunderstandings are possible. Financial activity should also be moderate. In order not to succumb to persuasion from the araps and not to buy excess, it is worth reading conspiracies before shopping.

The Day of the Full Moon in Cancer is insidious, and at this time it is majestic to monitor mood and emotions so as not to conflict with family members on the eve of the holidays. It is more important to direct an excess of strength into a creative bed or to physical activity, otherwise energy can find a way out in aggressive actions and actions.

Finding new relationships on Wednesday is fraught with disappointment, so astrologers recommend postponing serious steps. Air flirting and new acquaintances will be appropriate if you approach at a height and there is no reason for irritability.

On the Full Moon, chronic diseases can sharpen, therefore it is so dignified to pay attention to the state of health, not to overcool and spend as little time as possible in the crowd. On this day, strengthening herbal decoctions will be beneficial, thanks to which it will be possible to increase immunity and resistance to colds.

Any unnerving little thing can overshadow the approach to the environment, and to prevent this from happening, it is imperative to get rid of aggression and stress in time with the help of physical activity or creative exercises.

December 30 is a hectic day when it is necessary to complete the current devala and prepare for the holidays. At this time, it is dignified to pay attention to every detail, so as not to regret after wasting time.

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