Dec 29, 2020
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The month day is now December 29, 2020

The month day is now December 29, 2020

The end of the year is approaching. This is the final Tuesday before the start of the New Year holidays. To make this day as suitable as possible, try to follow the recommendations of astrologers.

On days like this, great success follows those who know how to stay calm. Check out the tips of astrologers to learn how to manage emotions. These are the times when one should be tempted to compromise.

Moon phase: this is the final day of the waxing moon of the year and the last day of growth this month. 15 lunar day will take place under the auspices of the elements of the Spirit, represented by Gemini. This is an important day for teamwork and family fun.

Magnetic storms on December 29: a disturbed magnetosphere cannot be expected now.

activity in the morning; advice from loved ones; travel; shopping; communication. overwork in the evening; aggression and imbalance; things that are annoying.

Astrologers and experts point out that this month’s day is good for home affairs. Do not be afraid to devote yourself to housework without a trace, because the harmony and good energy of your home will restore your strength and help you tune in for the best. Already next morning you will be able to feel an influx of cheerfulness.

A suit on such days should be conducive to work and business. It is necessary that the external appearance should not be gloomy and gray, but it should not be too bright either. The most important option is a combination of black with muted cornflower blue or dark red. The five will be in harmony with the energy of the moon emerald accessories.

Of the mascot stones, jasper, chrysolite, turquoise and citrine should be preferred. These minerals will help you stay active and energized. They can be supplemented with jewelry made of any metal. However, do not wear countless gold jewelry – it is more important to stand on the rings.

Try to implement all your plans in the morning. In the second half, it is more important to give up heavy intellectual work and physical exertion. Soak up new information, listen to the advice of colleagues and partners – they will help you in the future.

The day is suitable for travel, short business trips. You can make planned purchases. If you have to spend more money than you wanted, it is more important to take advantage of the conspiracy for a good purchase. Conserve business activities to lay the foundation for a clear financial future.

This day without communication will be difficult. You should not find out the relationship with loved ones and argue with bosses and colleagues. Even the most arrogant and unpleasant people should look serenely. Due to the approach of the absolute moon, already now aggression can wake up in you, imbalance can take hold.

In a relationship with a loved one, you should control yourself even more. If you need to break off communication with someone you know and you can do it without conflict, wield it. Be generous to your relatives and significant other. Kind-hearted devala and help will have a beneficial effect on your fortune in the foreseeable future.

Try to follow the rule of moderation in everything – from work to sports and nutrition. All excesses can negatively affect your well-being. All devalas that cause negative feelings or associations can be safely excluded from the list of what needs to be done. At the end of the day it will be great to relax, as if you should rest.

On this day, all your words and deeds will become the foundation for subsequent events, so watch what you do and what you say. Remember the forbidden words, which can spoil your destiny and deprive you of your fortune, which is absolutely unacceptable at the end of the year.

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