Apr 30, 2021
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The month day is now April 30, 2021

The month day is now April 30, 2021

The moon continuously changes its position relative to the stars and its phase. Now she will remain in the same Sign as yesterday. Astrologers told how this will turn out for each of us and for humanity as a whole.

Today is Friday, and on Friday the hunt is to complete all the majestic devalas as soon as possible. To do this, you will have to persist and stay in motion. Remember, it’s great at times to say “stop” to yourself and rest. Rest has a beneficial effect on luck and energy, so take a moment to relax.

Moon phase: 19 lunar day begins. It will be held under the auspices of Sagittarius. The Falling Month is not most importantly combined with the element of Heat, but today Sagittarius interacts with the Moon for another day, so the power of Heat will not be so powerful. In general, you can not expect any big problems.

Magnetic storms on April 30: no magnetic storms are expected on the last day of April.

shopping; independence; physical activity. empty words, lies; gossip; inaction.

An important day for doing household chores. Nowadays you can do whatever your heart desires, but astrologers and experts advise to get a grip on just what you can start and finish in one day. It is now recommended to make any changes to the home space. For example, rearrangement of furniture according to the rules of feng shui. Work will be unusually positive at home. This is a productive day for all freelancers.

The energy of the moon prompts action, so try to wear something emerald, canary. These five colors restore the carnal and emotional strength of a person, not allowing his fighting spirit to fall. It will also be great to wear orange or white-colored clothing. These nuances will help in creativity and in communication with people, respectively.

The energy of Heat is now present in abundance, so you can wear any jewelry except gold. Of the mascot stones, one should give preference to the stones of the element of water: aquamarine, aventurine, pearls.

Try to act actively and independently – the Month in Sagittarius loves this. Try to carry out plans. It is possible that many of us will feel as if self-confidence is emerging. The main thing is not to overdo it, because it is very dignified to remain realistic. Excessive love of life on such days leads to disappointment.

The day will be good for honest and active people. It’s great to stay organized and ready for anything. On April 30, you can make a lovely present for yourself or a loved one – buy something dignified. The day is generally good for shopping. Shopping will bring joy, serenity and satisfaction.

Many people on this day will become more receptive, sentimental and emotionally fragile. It was as if it was said more sublimely to show independence, but do not avoid emotional contact with others, because it is likely that the shortest future will require someone’s support.

The power of the word will prevail over all of us. Now all words gain strength, everything spoken is smartly put into practice. Try not to offend others with shrill statements and criticism. Lies and gossip are violently destructive, so strive for honesty and sincerity, which is unusual in a relationship with your significant other.

Nowadays, far away is not the most important day for spiritual practices and immersion in oneself. Do not give empty words to tight-fitting and especially to yourself. Try not to wish anyone evil. Astrologers note that on this day there is an increased likelihood of losing something important to you.

Pay unusual attention to papers, records, and prints. You can take care of the archives or start writing a book – all the figures of the word are now accompanied by tremendous luck. The organism on the moon in Sagittarius is large. Many will feel an influx of vigor and physical strength. You can go in for sports, visit the gym.

The closing weekday before the weekend in May promises to be dynamic. Therefore, it shows the risk of burnout and loss of energy. Simple exercises will help you get rid of this problem. May this Friday be as happy as possible for you.

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