Apr 2, 2021
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The month day is now April 3, 2021

The month day is now April 3, 2021

The monthly calendar is a great helper for those who are used to controlling events in their lives. The recommendations of astrologers will help you check the possible difficulties of the coming day and successfully complete the planned devalas.

April enters its left, and on Saturday the energy of space will be positive. These days will pass successfully under the circumstances of the mood for victory and refusal to indulge in bad emotions. Experts recommend attracting luck and not doubting yourself.

Moon phase: 21 lunar days will be held under the auspices of the falling moon in Capricorn. These days are suitable for carnal and creative activity, communication and attracting changes for the better into life.

Magnetic storms on April 3: Earth’s magnetosphere on Saturday will not be subject to solar vortices. No magnetic storms were recorded.

communication; activity; completion of the deval; planning; travels; positive attitude; spiritual growth. aggression; procrastination; irresponsibility; loans and unreasonable spending.

Under the influence of the falling moon in Capricorn, housework will not cause much trouble. Parsing wardrobes and sorting clothes will become a kind of meditation, during which it will come out to think about further plans, adjust targets and be alone with your thoughts. Astrologers recommend not to spare old things and to get rid of everything that has lost its relevance without regret, so as not to litter your own comfortable home.

Saturday is a time of positive communication, so astrologers recommend choosing serene colors that will attract the environment, and not push it away. Lilac and lilac nuances will be an excellent choice for this Saturday, and absolute cornflower blue will suit those who are planning business meetings.

Of the mascot stones, zircon and aventurine are suitable for this day. The energizing of these minerals will help promote health and energy. Jewelry made of silver will complete the look and perfectly check the function of protection against aggressive people.

Saturday is perfect for organizing conferences and business meetings, business trips and making new acquaintances. On this day, astrologers recommend stocking up on an important disposition so as not to scare off potential employers or job seekers. It will not be difficult to check your daily chores if you do not try to perform several devalas all of a sudden.

Financial activity on this day can lead to losses, so spending should be planned. It is undesirable to take loans or lend on Saturday – there is a risk of losing financial well-being and waiting for the return of borrowed weapons for a long time.

Saturday is great for socializing, meeting new people and flirting. On this day, there is a chance to meet your fate, find new friends, and also establish relationships in families. Astrologers recommend relying on your most important qualities and not closing yourself off from the outside world, so as not to miss promising opportunities to establish euphonious family relationships, as well as start romantic adventures. The ability to bypass conflict situations by Palestine will help avoid quarrels and conflicts.

Saturday will pass in a positive way, if you drive away minor thoughts and find time for inner growth. Meditation practices visited to replenish energy will eliminate overwork, and moderate carnal activity will keep the body in good shape.

Spring is a responsible time when the body must receive a balanced diet with a large number of vitamins. On this day, it will be useful to disagree from fatty and heavy shamovka in favor of eating fruits and vegetables.

Saturday will be a great time to become more important, to attract the necessary events and people to life. An optimistic attitude and self-confidence will help you overcome temporary difficulties.

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