Apr 28, 2021
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The month day is now April 29, 2021

The month day is now April 29, 2021

Every day will be sweet and predictable if you listen to the recommendations of astrologers in time. They will help you use the energy of the moon for your own good and easily overcome obstacles on the way to happiness.

The last Thursday in April will not be the most suitable day. Experts recommend preparing for the fact that not all plans can be translated into reality. On this day, the dignified component of success will be the ability to wait, and also not to succumb to provocations.

Moon phase: 18 lunar days will pass under the auspices of the falling moon in Sagittarius. On these days, troubles will haunt those who cannot abstain and take risks without thinking about the consequences.

Magnetic storms on April 29: no magnetic storms are predicted for this day.

attentiveness; reasonable care; attention to intuition; physical exercise; prevention of colds. irritability and aggression; rush; conflicts; unplanned expenses; risks.

Cleaning on Thursday will be a healthy business, unusual for those who want to get rid of everything unnecessary. During the guidance of the routine, it will come out to transform the negative into positive qualities, to get rid of stress and blocks of consciousness. Together with unnecessary and worn-out pieces, astrologers recommend “throwing away” bad thoughts and internally purifying themselves.

An excellent color for Thursday will be turquoise and its nuances, thanks to which it will come out to focus on work, and it is also more important to control emotions and not succumb to provocations. Complementing the image on this day is more important than the total with silver jewelry, which will help protect against negativity from the outside, and chrysolite, pomegranate and red onyx will act as talismans.

On Thursday, the energy of space will affect emotions, therefore astrologers recommend avoiding conflict situations and carefully looking at the requests of loved ones. On this day, it is majestic to maintain inner harmony in order to exclude quarrels over trifles. Those who are looking for the other half should not only pay attention to the appearance of potential chosen ones, but also take a closer look at their demeanor so as not to fall for the tricks of manipulators.

On Thursday, the energy of the falling moon in Sagittarius will negatively affect attention, therefore astrologers recommend abandoning everything that is complicated and new. On April 29, you should pay attention to the previously started devalas, start reworking and devote time to solving old demands.

Financial activity on such days should be minimal: there is a risk of becoming victims of araps or spending pennies on unnecessary things and experiencing material difficulties for a long time.

On Thursday, it is dignified to monitor the mood and learn to attract positive thoughts so as not to become hostages of blues and even depression. Exercise will also help you check your emotions, during which it is more important to convert the negative into positive and free your mind from negative thoughts. Herbal infusions will help to strengthen the immune system and invigorate, thanks to which it will come out to avoid spring colds.

Thursday will be a positive day if you practice every day with a smile, and take temporary difficulties not as punishment, but as training to strengthen your fortitude. These days are successful for measured work, and those who do not take risks will certainly be lucky.

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