Apr 27, 2021
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The month day is now April 28, 2021

The month day is now April 28, 2021

The final encirclement of April begins. They say that Wednesday is the most productive day of the week. Astrologers have told whether it will be so now. Probably, the approaching moon will not be conducive to work.

If yesterday was the most dangerous day, this does not mean that today will be awful. It turns out that everything will be exactly the opposite. Now the Month will strengthen our sixth sense, will help with the solution of many problems. Remember the five situations in which to listen to your intuition.

Moon phase: the 17th lunar day begins, which will be the first full day of the waning of the moon. Night sparkle dwells in the Sign of Scorpio, which sees the element of Water. It fits perfectly with this phase, unusual at the very beginning. This means that luck will be with us.

Magnetic storms on April 28: Magnetosphere disturbance is not expected.

purchases; intuition; training; physical activity; New acquaintances. overwork; quarreling; negative.

Astrologers and experts point out that these are good times for domestic devalas. Now you can do any work, make repairs, general cleaning in the apartment or rearrange furniture. It will also be great if you take care of your garden or yard chores, trim the lawn, plant flowers. All these chores will give you countless positive emotions.

From clothes, experts advise to give preference to what you love in total. Now you should dress as if you like it. More meaning will not be the color of the clothes, but the pattern or pattern on it. Earlier we talked about the meaning of divorce and their energy.

Gold jewelry will help to complement the image. They will allow you to “swing” the energy and give you motivation, willpower. Minerals of the element of Water will also be healthy: aquamarine, aventurine, tourmaline.

This is a very good day for work. Try not to go against the law now, because the Month does not favor this. The likelihood of making a successful purchase will be higher. You can buy used goods, make an exchange. The likelihood of being heated will now be lower, because the 17th lunar day is dangerous for intruders and fraudsters.

Nowadays, intuition is sharpening, so it is worth listening to your inner voice. This is inherent in all areas of life, but in business and in work, intuition will become unusually healthy. Information flows are very strong, so now you can engage in acquiring new skills. You just need to learn how to separate the majestic from the feigned.

Today is a very positive and successful day. Read everything you will dance, and life will sparkle with new colors. The day can be paved inactively, without taking active actions and without overloading oneself with trusteeship, or you can go to home affairs or work. The main thing today is not to overwork. It will not do business.

A month does not require large energy expenditures from people, so each of us will be able to dispose of our own forces at our own discretion. You can go to the gym, walk innumerable, play sports, work in the garden. If you prefer a serene relaxation with a book in hand or watching movies, this is also a good thing to take for your leisure time.

On the waning Moon in Scorpio, all your actions in relation to others should not bring negative emotions to anyone, because this will ruin karma. This is a very happy day for any kind of communication, flirting, dating and romance. Nowadays people will listen attentively to a friend of a friend and understand what they are told, what they mean.

Everything will work out in married life and in existing relationships. Many couples will be able to complete the black stripe and come to agreement and harmony. Unions, prisoners on the Moon in Scorpio, are the most successful. The same goes for dating. If you have met an entertaining person, this is a gift of fate.

Astrologers note that fortune-telling for the future will be healthy on the 17th lunar day. You can get out into nature, relax surrounded by friends, or alone. Try to be more serene. Dissatisfaction with yourself and your life will lead to problems.

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