Apr 26, 2021
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The month day is now April 27, 2021

The month day is now April 27, 2021

The burning recommendations of astrologers will help to end April on a positive note. In the lunar month for the last Tuesday of this month, everyone will find healthy advice on how to use the energy of the moon for your own good.

The Full Moon will take place on April 27. On the same day, Pluto turns into retrograde motion, not affecting emotions in the best way. Experts recommend that you be thrifty and circumspect to avoid being dragged into conflict and stumbling upon your path to a happy life.

Moon phase: on the 16th lunar day, the absolute Month will be in the Sign of Scorpio. The day will be filled with dual energy, when doubts can take power over reason and deprive you of strength.

Magnetic storms on April 27: no magnetic storms are forecasted for this Tuesday.

discretion; attention to detail; spiritual practices; completion of the deval. risky acts; trust in rumors; indulgence in awe; new beginnings; unplanned purchases.

On the day of the Full Moon, household chores are unlikely to be appropriate due to the likelihood of location differences. Astrologers recommend paying attention only to those cases that do not cause negative emotions. At these times, it is more important to meditate in total in order to find inner harmony and get rid of destructive thoughts.

The happy colors of this day will be golden and yellow. Their presence in the wardrobe will help to stay in an upbeat position and avoid conflict situations in Palestine. Bright red or dark agate colors can cause variations in location, and it is more important to avoid such colors. The jewelry of this day is silver items that fight against bad influence from the outside, and talisman stones are zircon, hematite, turquoise.

The full moon is not the best time to meet new people and start a relationship. On this day, it is important for family couples to maintain a kind-hearted relationship, as well as to be an extremely blameless friend with a friend, in order to exclude conflicts or even farewell on the basis of disagreement or mistrust. Communication on this Tuesday is stately to build on a positive note, therefore, you should not be found in a dismissive figure with relatives, colleagues, or friends.

On the day of the Full Moon, they do not start new devalas and do not make deals, it is unusual when it comes to spontaneous decisions. On this day, astrologers recommend completing the work, directing forces to resolve old demands, so as not to go back to the past. Risks and adventures this Tuesday will not lead to anything good, which means you need to trust your intuition. Financial activity during this Full Moon can lead to losses and loss of reputation. Unplanned purchases and debt obligations on this day will be excessive.

On the day of the Full Moon, it is majestic to channel an excess of energy into a peaceful bed in order to eliminate troubles with well-being and not become hostages of aggression. On April 27, you can start a course of physical exercises, continue training and lead an active lifestyle.

In order to improve your well-being, you can use the advice of popular medicine – make an herbal infusion that will gently soothe and help replenish the supply of vitamins, which are so lacking after a long stage of cold weather.

The full moon is a time when intuitive abilities are sharpened, and astrologers recommend this Tuesday to trust your inner voice. He will help Palestine avoid unpleasant situations and point the way to happiness.

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