Apr 28, 2021
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The month day is now April 22, 2021

The month day is now April 22, 2021

A new day begins, on which new difficulties may await us. Astrologers talked about what the Month will be this Thursday and how it will affect our advances, luck and business.

Astrologers call this day very suitable, but not only because the month will be in a favorable position, but also because the peak of the Lyrid’s starfall is now. April 22 is included in the list of the most favorable days in April, so that now you will have countless opportunities, countless fortunes and good location. Try to use this to change your life for the better.

Moon phase: 11 lunar day begins. The Growing Month the third day will be entirely in the Sign of Leo. This is important news for active but cautious people. The worn out has lost most of his strength, but this has its advantages, because we will have a minuscule thirst for adventure and risk.

Magnetic storms on April 22: magnetic storms are not expected.

travel; activity; purchases; condescension; patience. apathy; inaction; junk food and alcohol.

Another month’s day seems to be the most important for home devals. Nowadays, it is recommended to do everything – from large-scale renovations to minor cleaning. You can mow the lawn, tidy up the area, rearrange furniture, buy something new to the house. The day is good for any changes in your living space. You can also do your garden and vegetable garden. Harmony in your home will give you back your strength. Tomorrow you will feel a surge of energy and vivacity.

It is now more important to avoid a large number of bright colors, but you should not go completely into black and gray tones either. If we talk about some specific colors, then the most important will be emerald. It has the ability to increase the reserve of human strength. Of the talismans, astrologers advise to give preference to stones that give an important approach: amethyst, rose quartz. You can complement the look with platinum or ceramic jewelry. It is more important not to wear gold nowadays.

Now it is necessary to implement your plans, which you developed earlier. Try not to deviate from the standard schedule of the day and complete all your duties smoothly on time. Productivity will increase in the afternoon, so it’s more important to do something simpler before lunchtime.

There is no time to rest. Pennies are loved today by those who act. Also now it will be great to deal with the absorption of newly minted information, training. The day is good for business trips. Do not forget that your deeds and actions will become the foundation for subsequent positive events in the field of finance and work.

Even to the most arrogant people, try to look tolerant, without negativity. This will be credited to you in the future. Quarrels with loved ones can now be remembered for a long time. It is more important to shove in your actions and words countless kindness and positiveness. In order not to break down on loved ones, try to use the five techniques for dealing with anxiety.

People may become a little more jealous that day. Do not give yourself an excuse to think up something or look for flaws in the behavior of the other half and friends. Newly made acquaintances will be positive only by the end of the day. You can chat with new people on social networks.

Try to feed in moderation and wholesome. All harmful and unnecessary food eaten that day will negatively affect your disposition. The intention to go in for sports will be good. You just need to choose the right loads that suit you. Intuition on days like this will be great, so just listen to your body.

Any active deeds are now encouraged by the Moon. If you don’t feel like playing sports, try just taking a walk. On this day, you should not sit without a deval. In this case, by the end of the day, you may feel like you’ve wasted the day. This will cause airy apathy.

Try to be more energetic now. Three helpful exercises for each day will help you get more active. Stay at home with people who believe in you and who don’t complain about life.

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