Apr 1, 2021
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The month day is now April 2, 2021

The month day is now April 2, 2021

Every new day gives us new opportunities, but sometimes it can bring trouble. Astrologers will tell you how to take all the most important from this Friday and overcome possible obstacles.

Not the most artless day awaits us in the distance, but any difficulties of this day are surmountable. To do this, you will need extreme attentiveness, love of life and a desire to correct the mistakes in time. Try to get rid of fears, anxiety, and obsessive thoughts. There are some helpful tips to help you with this.

Moon phase: the 20th lunar day begins. The month decreases in the Sign of Sagittarius. The element of Heat ahovo is combined with such a phase, therefore the day will be such a difficult one. Cheer up, because the Universe will give us the opportunity to circumvent the difficulties of Palestine.

Magnetic storms on April 2: No flares were observed on the Sun. The threat of a magnetic storm is minimal.

help tight-fitting; calmness; sincerity; communication with the most domestic people or solitude; walks. risks and adventures; jealousy; large spending; travel.

A little cleaning on a day like this will not only refresh the energy in the room, but also put your thoughts in order. Experts advise against setting up a general cleaning, renovation. At home, it is more important to simply relax or establish an air routine. You shouldn’t go to bed with a mess in the kitchen nowadays. This will affect the financial fortune of tomorrow.

Experiments on this day on order. Astrologers advise to wear now something time-tested and as calm as possible. There is no need to radically change anything in your image. The main thing is to meet the day in the usual palette for Sagittarius: in scarlet, orange, terracotta.

It is also worth choosing jewelry made of platinum or ceramic. These products will strengthen your energy and attract good luck in all areas of life. Stones that harmonize the mind and aura of a person will become healthy: amethyst, aquamarine, monthly stone.

This is one of the most unfavorable days of the month for wanderings, business trips and the beginning of new devals. Try to do something serene, familiar now. If your entire work activity is tied to movement, try to be thrifty and circumspect. On the way, unforeseen difficulties may overtake you.

On this day, it is more important not to spend extra money. It is very dignified to show selflessness and help the needy. If you come to your senses today to help someone, this person will be imbued with the most absolute respect for you, even if he does not say so directly. Don’t miss the opportunity to gain credibility.

Now you shouldn’t get annoyed over trifles and succumb to negative emotions: the month is in Sagittarius at the helm, which means that now is the time to pay attention to your inner world. You can do internal practices, sports, or simply take a walk in a fresh spirit. This will be more important than reveling in irritation.

Many people will become hostile, but you shouldn’t respond with negativity to negativity. You will need to be forgiving and focus on something cute. If you feel that you are starting to lose your temper, say to yourself “stop”, do something nice.

Try to be open and friendly with all the people that you meet on the way. Try to spend timeless times in the company of all the closest and time-tested people. A friendly and good-natured touch to people, sincerity and openness will help strengthen relationships, find a soul mate.

It will be difficult for many to be alone, but it is worth remembering that there is nothing terrible in this state. Solitude will not help to overcome pessimism, but it will provide an opportunity to ponder the upcoming deities. Self-powerful and freedom-loving personalities will not be able to forgive you jealousy, so get rid of this feeling so as not to destroy love and friendship.

To make life more harmonious and happy, astrologers recommend being more selective in your desires. Just try to realize that by your actions you influence the world around you – people, events. Strive for creative thinking and get rid of thoughts that program you for failure.

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