Apr 17, 2021
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The month day is now April 18, 2021

The month day is now April 18, 2021

The monthly calendar helps everyone to make their life more cloudless, day by day changing it for the better. Astrologers’ advice will help attract good luck and ward off troubles from yourself and your loved ones.

April 18 is an energetically disastrous day. Consistent and careful actions of people, as well as taking into account astrological recommendations, will help all of us to rebuff the negative lunar effects. Nowadays it is harmless to fight with negativity and look at life through the prism of optimism. Three effective methods will help you get rid of bad thoughts and emotions.

Moon phase: the 8th lunar day begins. The month is growing in the Sign of Cancer, which is not a positive position. In this position, the night sparkle will be in disharmony with the stars. This will negatively affect motivation and communication.

Magnetic storms on April 18: the negative impact of the Sun has ended, so that now the probability of magnetic storms is minimal.

planning deval; relaxation; easy communication without negativity; privacy; spiritual practices. excitement and anxiety; pride; following other people’s advice.

Cancer is not the most homely Zodiac Sign in the distance, it is unusual in the period of the rising moon. On the other hand, it refers to the element of Water, which is narrowly related to everyday comfort. Now you can take up wet cleaning, setting up a routine. It’s also great to take out debris in a closet or balcony. You can wash what your hands have not reached for a long time. Experts advise not to waste energy on cleaning if there is no need for it.

The colors of Cancer are the impenetrable nuances of cornflower blue, ash gray, turquoise. On this day, you should not add too many gloomy black pieces to the image. Bright tones are acceptable, but in a small number. Positive notes in appearance will not hinder anyone. On the day, you can do a manicure, change your hairstyle or dye your hair.

Items made of platinum will become the amulets of the day, which will improve intuition. Silver jewelry will provide protection from any negativity. You can complement the image with such mascot stones, like opal or hematite.

Astrologers strongly advise not to put pressure on colleagues, bosses, customers or partners, it is unusual if you are now waiting for the transfer of money. There will be no positive effect, but a great feeling of discontent will remain. In general, it is as important as possible to pause the devala, because now is Sunday.

Anyone who is torn to work and toil in the sweat of a snout, astrologers advise to avoid procrastination. You shouldn’t stay in the office for a long time either. Careful planning will help you stay afloat. Overwork can negatively affect mood and productivity, but not today, but tomorrow.

Meditation is unusually favorable on this day. They will help you keep yourself in control, maintain inner balance. This Sunday is a good day for spiritual practice in general. Meditation for beginners will help you figure out the intricacies at home.

Carnal exercises are also important, but in this regard it is imposing not to overdo it. For those who feel a lack of energy and apathy before the start of the new week, astrologers advise to do something as simple as possible. If you are full of energy, you can arrange a full workout. Otherwise, you can simply walk, stretch.

In the love sphere, it is dignified to be active, but only in the first half of the day. It is more important to spend the evening in solitude. If you decide to meet someone, it’s more important to do it online. You should not be active and initiative, invite someone on a date. Also, do not start conversations on serious topics.

Any remarks addressed to the idolized person today will turn into mutual reproaches and claims and will in no way help to solve the problem peacefully. Try not to go to extremes, withdrawing into yourself and completely abstracting from relationship problems. They need to be solved, but it should be done sparingly.

Use conspiracies for good luck on the growing moon in difficult situations. They will help you stay afloat and successfully overcome all possible obstacles on the way.

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