Feb 5, 2021
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The month day is now 6 February 2021

The month day is now 6 February 2021

Monthly energy is changeable, and its influence can affect not only mood, but also well-being. Astrologers will talk about how the Saturday day of the first week of February will pass, and what needs to be done in order to attract good luck.

Saturday will be successful if you closely monitor the events and bring your emotions under control. Experts recommend ditching your rush and impulsiveness in order to make the day safely and bring the necessary changes to life.

Moon phase: 25 lunar day will be held under the auspices of Sagittarius. The month is decreasing, and its energy somewhat softens the impulsive effect of the constellation. On these days it is great to do leisurely activities and take breaks for relaxation.

Magnetic storms on February 6: the earth’s magnetosphere will be in a relatively serene state. There is some disturbance on the Sun, but a full-fledged magnetic storm is not predicted.

thoughtful work; solving legal demands; timely rest; attention to well-being; attracting fortune; spiritual practices; summing up the interim results. impulsiveness; credulity; clarification of the relationship; energy-consuming deval; lack of sleep.

On this day, it is more important not to engage in active housework in order to avoid overwork and exacerbation of chronic diseases. Astrologers recommend to lay Saturday at a calm pace, have a family dinner or take a walk in the park. On this day, it will be great to devote time to meditation and other practices, visited to achieve inner harmony and balance.

The most important choice for today will be the absolute emerald nuances, which will help to focus on the necessary matters and maintain serenity. Bright colors will only aggravate the situation, irritate others and can cause conflicts. On this day, it is majestic to listen to intuition in order to choose those colors that will bring good luck and save you from trouble.

To protect yourself from troubles and misses, as well as to protect yourself from evil people, amulet stones will help: tiger’s and cat’s eyes. You should not choose gold from jewelry on this day: the energy of this metal can provoke you to rash acts or spending.

25 month days are suitable for completing current work, solving legal needs and concluding deals. Devala will be successful if planned earlier. Astrologers recommend solving the problems that arise in stages, without taking on a few devalas suddenly.

Not only icy calculation will play an important role in the business sphere, but also attention to premonitions. Intuition will help Palestine to avoid fraudsters, untrustworthy clients or investors.

A slight indignation in the Sun can cause ailments, and now it is dignified to monitor your health and take precautions so as not to aggravate the health situation. The day will be calm, but some impulsiveness due to the impact of the constellation Sagittarius will still be present. Astrologers recommend engaging in internal practices in order to stay in harmony with yourself and the world around you.

On Saturday, you should not make hasty decisions and give words that cannot be fulfilled. If you are not sure, it is more important not to start serious tare-bars-rasta-bars and postpone confessions. Astrologers recommend listening to the opinions of loved ones and looking for compromise solutions in order to exclude quarrels and scandals.

Sabbath is good for attracting love, but absolutely not suitable for imprisoning marriage alliances. Experts note that couples created on the 25th lunar day may experience financial difficulties and a lack of mutual understanding.

On such days, intuition and the ability to wait play a huge role and help you find a way out of this situation with minimal loss. Serene confidence and attention to detail will save you from unforeseen difficulties.

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