Feb 18, 2021
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The month day is now 19 February 2021

The month day is now 19 February 2021

Another Friday is coming. Astrologers talked about how the moon will be approaching on this day, as well as how to overcome probable obstacles on its way.

Nowadays it is difficult for the vindictive Sign of the Zodiac. This is the day on which kindness and the ability to forgive will be greatly appreciated. Try to fight with your inner cynic, resentment and any negative emotions to make this Friday as comfortable as possible.

Moon phase: 9 lunar day begins. It will be held under the auspices of Taurus. This is the final of the three days of the waxing Moon’s stay in this Sign, and it will be the most difficult of them. But there is no need to give up – everyone will have the opportunity to take an unquestionable step on the path to happiness.

Magnetic storms on February 19: no magnetic storms expected.

favorite devala; privacy; relaxation; flexibility; saving. aggression; resentment; overwork.

Housekeeping is a great alternative to exhausting work at work. Cleaning, setting up a routine, making shamovka, doing laundry – all these are good ways to keep yourself occupied with something dignified and not provoking to worry. Domestic devilas, according to experts, will have to help distract from thoughts of awful things.

The most important nuances in clothes will be agate, wild, swamp. These nuances of the five affect the human psyche, stabilizing the inner world. Agate and gray are also extremely beneficial for work and self-confidence.

Of the talisman stones, obsidian, opal and agate should be distinguished. These are excellent amulets that will not allow external circumstances to disturb your peace. You can complement the image with silver jewelry – another strongest amulet.

Men will now be a little more hostile, and women will be emotionally sensitive. In such conditions, it will be difficult to avoid family quarrels. This means that the stronger sex should show as if it is possible to have a tiny bit of negative and try not to offend the soul mate. Women don’t need to think about the reasons for men’s actions, try to explain them.

Psychological and energetic attacks from ill-wishers are now possible. Seven proven ways to help you protect yourself from them. It will now be much easier for everyone who is lonely to maintain serenity and move steadily. Try to enjoy some privacy and idolized pursuits and hobbies.

The energy of the moon will be reduced, and this will affect everything. People with a suspicious and overly thrifty disposition will endure today’s adversity miserably due to the lack of energy support. Such days, as if this one, are fractionally accompanied by a general emotional recession, a tendency to self-delusion. Loneliness will be more difficult for many. It has been noticed that pessimistic people lose their luck during the growth of the Moon in the Sign of Taurus. Try not to engage in disastrous carnal exercises.

Astrologers strongly recommend not to make rash decisions, not to participate in risky activities, and also not to make expensive purchases. Exhausted energy means that many of us will be less productive. On the 9th lunar day, it’s great to make plans for the future. The main thing is that the intentions are positive.

Be flexible and considerate in your work. Try to refrain from new devalas. This can trigger a losing streak. May this day be a time of apprehension for you. If there is an opportunity to take a day off, use it. It is more important not to go on long trips.

Use the techniques of finding happiness so that this day passes under the aegis of positive disposition. Remember that happiness is born within us. It does not come and go just that much. May this Friday give you smiles and goodness.

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