Jan 12, 2021
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The month day is now 12 January 2021

The month day is now 12 January 2021

Monthly energy is constantly changing due to the transition of the Moon from one zodiacal constellation to another, as well as due to a change in phases. Astrologers talked about how the night sparkle will be approaching and what awaits all of us this Tuesday.

Today, great success awaits representatives of active and energetic Zodiac Signs. The guilt is simple: the night sparkle will be active and will give us countless new motivation. Many will be able to set themselves newly-made stately targets and begin an active movement towards them.

Moon phase: the final day of the falling moon is coming, which is destined to pass under the auspices of Capricorn. It’s a great combination, so much so that 29 lunar day promises to be suitable. On this day, the Month will provoke a powerful surge of energy.

Magnetic storms on January 12: there is no need to expect magnetic disturbances: the sun was extremely serene.

preservation of prestige; caution; physical activity; independence. overwork; uncertainty; abuse of authority.

On such days, even the most gentle domesticated animals can show aggression. This is unusually vital in the case of contact with negative people, because animals feel negative energy flows. On this day, you should not do general cleaning, but air guidance of the routine can positively affect the mood. The most important thing, according to experts, is not to involve household members in cleaning if they do not want to.

On days as unusual as this, it’s more important not to stand out from the crowd. The costume should be artless, not attracting attention. If you wear something overly bright or provocative, you can expect problems. On such days, astrologers advise to choose clothes of gray, black or green tones with a check pattern.

Of the talisman stones, the most prosperous ones will be those that help to stay in good shape: citrine, chrysolite, jasper, turquoise. Also, the energy of cupronickel jewelry will be very healthy.

Leadership inclinations will help you both in work matters and in family matters. This is a very dignified day for the heads of surnames, both uncles and women. It is very dignified to act tough, but justly. It is necessary to show people at home that you are open and involved in the process of resolving their problems.

Anyone looking for a soul mate will also benefit from confidence. Her absence will become the most important stumbling block in the search for love: in this case, it will not work to interest a person. Give attention and care to households: give gifts, give compliments. This is a very auspicious day for offering a hand and heart, a declaration of love.

This is a very dignified day for all people in exalted positions. All who are rewarded with power and authority should be extremely careful, so much as if an imprudent step could deprive them of the respect of colleagues and subordinates.

Doubt on such days is very dangerous. If you have a feeling that something is wrong with you, be in trouble. If you are in doubt about the need to take a dignified step or make any purchase, it is more important to postpone. This is a very suitable day for politicians. Protect your pennies and your authority, otherwise it will be difficult to restore it.

This is the right day for the alphabet of the fight against harmful mods. You can do carnal work, sports, walk. Carnal loads are acceptable, but it is better not to overload your body. Overwork will not benefit the body. Be very careful, because nowadays there is a great chance of injury. Do not break the rules of the road and try to eat all healthy food.

Now everything that was thought by you earlier can be bypassed. To keep the law of attraction in full swing, try to get rid of negative thoughts that block the path to happiness.

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