Jan 11, 2021
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The month day is now 11 January 2021

The month day is now 11 January 2021

Every day the month changes its posture, on which depends not only on advancing, but also activity. The recommendations of astrologers, reproduced in the lunar month, will help to lay Monday without problems.

The energy of Monday will be disastrous due to the aspect of Mercury with Jupiter. The impact of the planets will affect work and luck, and astrologers recommend starting the week with caution, avoiding risks and rash words.

Moon phase: begins 28 lunar day… The month continues to decrease in the sign of Sagittarius. Astrologers recommend taking into account the lack of energy and not starting difficult devals.

Magnetic storms on January 11: magnetic storms are not expected.

caution; friendly attitude; timely rest; meditation; trust in intuition. risks; rash spending, investments or loans; aggression and pressure; indulging in bad fashions; indiscretion and haste.

On Monday, home affairs are unlikely to bring joy and become the key to positive emotions. In this regard, astrologers recommend doing only those things that will not take countless time and will not become the key of negative emotions. On this day, it is more important than total to do the replenishment of life’s energy in order to start the week with a rise, not a decline.

Monday is the time when every step must be weighed. On this day, you should pay attention to those shades that will help focus attention and will not provoke strong emotions. Cornflower blue, emerald and gray nuances will be appropriate for those who want to pave the day with benefit. Minerals that replenish energy should be chosen as amulets: amber, emerald, ruby.

Sorting out the relationship on Monday will not lead to anything good, and astrologers recommend to pave the times in seclusion so as not to provoke conflicts. On this day, it is more important to avoid any serious tara-bars-rasta-bars, not to give false hopes and promises, and also not to establish business relationships with unfamiliar people.

Due to the conjunction of Mercury with Jupiter on Monday, it is impossible to take risks and carelessly look at your duties. Astrologers recommend postponing financial transactions as much as possible and not entering into important transactions in order to eliminate troubles in the future. The day will be good for the completion of the current devalas and work that does not take up countless time and effort.

On Monday, keeping an optimistic infusion is dignified, so you should start the day with positive affirmations and deeds that help keep the important thing coming. Light carnal loads will not be superfluous. They will help maintain tone and the necessary activity.

January 11 will be one of the most dangerous days in January, and on this day it is imperative not to take risks and not to act hastily. Carefulness and attention to forebodings will help you avoid trouble and not be stumped by your own short-sightedness.

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