Nov 11, 2021
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The “monster” that scared the landlord turned out to be a lost lizard

monster in the drivewayAt first, a woman named Mira was shocked when she practically faced a terrible “monster” face to face.

monster in the driveway

But later, the landlord reflected on this meeting, which took place near her house, and realized that a large lizard could very well be someone’s lost pet. Remembering the CCTV camera, the woman was convinced that the “monster” really got into the recording, and if so, then all that remained was to post these frames on social networks.

monster in the driveway

Soon a neighbor came to visit Mir, who had lost his domestic reptile. Fortunately, the escaped creature did not have time to get far from the scene, and therefore the man was safely reunited with his property.

The snake decided to play catch-up with the lizard in the pool

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