Aug 8, 2022
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The monotown was sentenced to a slow death – who benefits from this?

The monotown was sentenced to a slow death - who benefits from this?

Photo: Petr Kovalev / TASS

The Monotowns Development Fund (FRM) will be liquidated in early autumn 2022. Financing for the development programs of these settlements has already been reduced, and soon it will stop altogether. Meanwhile, it is in single-industry towns that a significant part of Russian industry, primarily of strategic importance, is concentrated. In fact, another sabotage is being prepared, and with a “Maidan” perspective.

321 settlements on the territory of the Russian Federation belong to the so-called single-industry towns, in which all life is tied to one large enterprise. Actually, they were built around them, providing the Soviet Union with steel, coal, wood, oil products and cars. The same Tolyatti is also a single-industry town, since everything is tied to AvtoVAZ there. Now the enterprise is frankly bent, respectively, and everything is bad in the city.

It’s not better elsewhere. Most of the single-industry towns fell into the sphere of influence of the oligarchs, who seized the enterprises located there. For example, Cherepovets, in fact, belongs to Alexey MordashovMagnitogorsk – property Viktor Rashnikovand so on. And the billionaires do whatever they want there. Mostly nothing good. After all, Russia is nothing more than “feeding territory” for them, they are temporary workers-grabbers who seek to take out more and not invest anything.

The non-profit organization “Fund for the Development of Monotowns” (FRM), of course, is still a shop, like all similar near-state structures. And the money is spinning there, not to say very significant. In the “rich” 2020, for some reason, the volume of annual funding was reduced from 4.7 billion rubles to 4.2 billion rubles.

Nevertheless, something reaches the end users. PRM is engaged in preferential lending, issues interest-free loans for amounts up to 250 million rubles and lends at 5% per annum for larger projects. The main goal is to create new jobs not related to the city-forming enterprise.

It cannot be said that the fund managed to achieve any special achievements, but something was being done. So, in Ust-Katava (Chelyabinsk region, the city-forming enterprise – a car building plant), the largest greenhouse complex in the Urals appeared. They built on the principles of co-financing – the PRM gave 1.5 billion rubles, the local authorities added. There are more such examples, although they are, of course, few.

Nevertheless, the structure is potentially useful. Especially if you restore iron order in it and since it is possible to remove theft. This is not so unscience fiction, show trials and sentences to the highest degree of social security clear the brain well. Steal, of course, will still be, but orders of magnitude less. Plus, increase funding – there is enough money in the country now.

However, the PRM is disbanded instead.

“In order for the Monotowns Development Fund to be liquidated by order of the government in the order in which it is supposed to, it is necessary to go through judicial procedures. A package of documents has been prepared and sent to the court. Dates, preliminary, are the last ten days of September. We are fully prepared for this,” says PRM CEO Irina Makieva.

According to her, after the liquidation of the structure, support measures for single-industry towns seem to remain. Allegedly, the staff of the fund was saved and went to work in the state corporation VEB. RF – “parent structure”. But what and how will work, and whether it will be, is not specified.

But it’s unlikely to be. VEB State Corporation. The Russian Federation is ruled by one of the most prominent liberals – Igor Shuvalov. The person from the team Mikhail Kasyanov (“Misha 2%”, if anyone does not remember), involved in so many cases that there is simply nowhere to put stigma. One of the pillars of the liberal party, and in recent years, this citizen has been trying to remain in the shadows, being sort of like a secondary post. But it does its job. Black.

“The main task is to contribute to the long-term economic development of Russia. In partnership with VEB commercial banks. The Russian Federation is financing large-scale projects aimed at developing infrastructure, industry, the social sphere, strengthening technological potential and improving the quality of life of people, ”the organization’s website says so. Given the presence of an ardent liberal and a hater of Russia in the leadership, this is not even funny. But VEB. The Russian Federation regularly holds auctions to place pension savings on deposits with credit institutions. A goldmine, nothing else!

No one has heard of any large-scale projects of the Shuvalov office, factories are not being built, equipment and technologies are not being purchased. There is a mouse fuss, an imitation of violent activity. Which is covered by outright sabotage.

“After the start of the special operation, the radical liberals turned into outright Vlasovites and national traitors. And this is very revealing. In principle, it must be said frankly, a strong Russia and liberalism are incompatible concepts. If the liberal public is “left to steer”, we will very quickly roll back to the 1990s, and Russia’s sovereignty will be in jeopardy. We have already gone through all this, there is no desire to repeat, ”warns the coordinator of the Left Front movement Sergei Udaltsov.

In this case, there is a liberal, albeit a radical one – which has been proven by practice – but secretive. Why even more dangerous. In this case, nothing seems to have happened with single-industry towns, few people noticed the news. But right now, and it is in these settlements that the first sparks of unrest can arise, with the prospect of an all-Russian fire. And this, alas, is not idle speculation.

The report “Risks 2022: city-forming organizations and single-industry towns”, prepared by the Center for Strategic Research, describes an extremely negative picture. Namely, the growth of unemployment and a sharp decline in incomes of the population. Moreover, according to experts, the situation will worsen in the near future.

In particular, in Cherepovets, where Severstal plans to reduce production by 40%. Or in Sokol (Vologda Oblast), where Segezha Group (part of AFK Sistema) produced pellets and fuel briquettes exclusively for export. Under the threat of “aluminum”, “copper” and other cities, where the oligarchs at any moment can throw hundreds of thousands into the streets, and in the aggregate, in the whole of the Russian Federation, millions of workers.

“In the first half of 2022, 16 single-industry towns showed risks of a significant deterioration in the situation at the city-forming organizations. Among them are large metallurgical centers of the country and single-industry towns – large producers of the timber industry and woodworking complex.

Based on the results of additional monitoring, it is necessary to assess the current need of single-industry towns for state support to stabilize the situation on the labor market, in particular, additional financing of public works and / or temporary employment, measures to promote labor mobility, training and retraining of laid-off workers, and possible other measures,” — says in the report.

That is, PRM-type structures are needed. And monotowns will have to be saved. And there are no special problems here. Strategic industries should be nationalized, this topic has been discussed more and more often lately. The authorities are still silent, but they have less and less time to make the only right decision. Products are reoriented to the domestic market, where absolutely abnormal prices are currently observed. For everything – for metal, for boards, for fuels and lubricants, fertilizers, etc.

Plus, the development of other industries, the goals declared by the accelerated Fund are also quite relevant. Although “related productions” are even more relevant. For example, where there is a lot of steel – products from it, where they are engaged in forest – woodworking, and according to the same principle in other places. Enterprises will function, people will earn money, consumers will receive the products they need.

In the meantime, there is a link between the oligarchs and the liberal officials-traitors. Which at any moment can arrange riots in more than three hundred cities. And something urgently needs to be done about it.

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