May 6, 2022
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The monkey stole a bag of evidence from the police, including the murder weapon

the monkey stole the murder weaponVery often, criminals try to get rid of evidence after committing a crime, but these residents of Rajasthan (India), accused of murder, were helped by a monkey.

the monkey stole the murder weapon

It all started with an investigation into the death of a man named Shashikant Sharma. Some time after the tragedy, the police arrested two suspects at once – Rahul Kander and Mohanlal Kander. At the same time, the officers claim that they managed to collect as many as 15 important pieces of evidence proving the atrocity, including the murder weapon – a bloody knife. True, when Rahul and Mohanlal were taken to court, it turned out that there was no more evidence.

the monkey stole the murder weapon

The frustrated police officers provided the judge with a written explanation, stating that the bag of evidence had been lying quietly under a tree and had been stolen by a monkey. Now many Internet users who have learned about this story not only blame the authorities for carelessness, but also jokingly suggest whether the monkey was an accomplice of the criminals.

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