Oct 15, 2021
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The Ministry of Natural Resources of the Russian Federation will compete for a license for a deposit of 16 tons of gold

The Russian Ministry of Natural Resources will compete for a license for the largest gold deposit, Pokosny 1, in Khakassia, Rossiyskaya Gazeta writes with reference to the ministry’s press service. Ore bedrock deposits in this place contain over 16 tons of precious metal.

Also, by the end of the year, licenses will be distributed for the development of other large deposits, for example, the Maltanskaya area in Yakutia, which contains 1.5 tons of placer gold. On the Kuobakh-Baga River in Yakutia, it will be possible to extract more than 1.1 tons of placer gold, and on the Ukhomyt River, the left tributary of the Kolyma (Magadan Region), reserves are estimated at 0.8 tons of precious metal. A placer with a capacity of 0.6 tons is located on the Bolshoi Kaperway River in Chukotka.

You can win the auction by offering the maximum one-time payment for the right to work on the site, in accordance with Art. 13.1 of the Subsoil Law.

The deposits put up for auction are chosen by the subsoil users themselves, submitting applications to Rosnedra in advance for the inclusion of a particular area in the list of licensed objects. The auction participant must have sufficient financial, technical, technological and human resources for the extraction of minerals.

Since the beginning of the year, 33 auctions have been held for the development of gold deposits. On average, 5-10 bidders participate in the auction. The largest lot of this year was the Kyuchus gold deposit in Yakutia with reserves of over 175 tons of gold. The final payment for the license amounted to 7.735 billion rubles.

Earlier, wrote about how much gold can be extracted from computers and tablets and whether it is taken out before disposal.

It was also reported that an attempt to illegally extract natural gold was suppressed in Yakutia. About 1.5 kilograms of precious metal were found on the territory of the deposit.

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