Sep 16, 2020
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The Ministry of Labor clarified the details of the project on the sectoral salary system

First of all, the sector-specific wage format will be used in healthcare and education. This was stated by the Deputy Minister of Labor and Social Protection Andrei Pudov.

We assume the introduction of industry wage requirements in the healthcare sector, then we will consider the extension of these requirements to other professional areas. For example, we see that the education sector should become the second area, and there is already a corresponding instruction from the Prime Minister- said Pudov at a committee meeting.

Prior to that, the Duma Committee on Labor and Social Policy recommended that parliamentarians of the lower house support the introduction of this system in the first reading.

The authors of the initiative proposed to give the government the right to establish rules for remuneration of employees of state and municipal services, including requirements for salaries and rates of incentive payments. The government will also determine the list of areas to which this mechanism will be applied.

Pudov stressed that these should be exactly the rights that the government can resort to when necessary, and not an obligation.

The department is confident that such a format will make it possible to match wages within the same industry in different regions, and will make the principles of forming a system of remuneration for workers in the social sphere transparent. In addition, the authors of the draft law would like it to allow for flexibility in regulation both at the federal and regional levels of government.

In addition, Russia wants to legitimize the concept of the minimum hourly wage rate. The task of forming an attitude towards this issue is included in the proposals to the draft General Agreement between the government, employers and trade unions for 2021-2023. The Russian Ministry of Labor is ready to discuss with the parties of social partnership the issue of introducing the concept of a minimum hourly rate.

As wrote, the State Duma plans to consider the indexation of social benefits.

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