Dec 31, 2020
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The Ministry of Labor called the size of the subsistence minimum for 2020

The subsistence minimum of the working-age population of the Russian Federation for 2020 will tentatively amount to 12,223 rubles, according to the website of the Ministry of Labor.

According to the ministry, this figure per capita will be 11,301 rubles, for pensioners – 9,299 rubles, for children – 11,203 rubles.

As explained in the ministry, the data was obtained based on the analysis of prices for goods from the consumer basket for 11 months of this year.

The subsistence minimum for the third quarter has already been approved and amounted to 11,606 rubles per capita. According to forecasts, for the IV quarter its value will be 11,285 rubles.

Starting next year, the indicator will be approved at once for the whole year, and not quarterly.

Recall that the Federation Council approved a government law on a new methodology for calculating the minimum wage and the subsistence level from January 1, 2021.

Starting next year, the minimum wage and the cost of living will be calculated based on the median income. The size of the minimum wage will be 42% of the median salary, namely 12 792 rubles. According to the Ministry of Labor of the Russian Federation, the increase in the minimum wage will affect 3.9 million people.

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