Feb 21, 2021
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The Ministry of Internal Affairs proposed to increase the storage period of fingerprint information

The storage period for fingerprint data of Russians may be extended until the moment they die or reach 100 years of age. The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia came up with a corresponding initiative, the agency’s website says.

To date, biometric data of citizens subject to state fingerprint registration are stored in the database until such persons reach their 80th birthday.

The authors of the project explained the need to increase the shelf life of fingerprints by an increase in the number of Russians over the established age limit. It is noted that older people are more likely to develop diseases that lead to memory loss, in this regard, situations may arise when it is necessary to establish a person’s identity.

The ministry also drew attention to the fact that the implementation of this bill will not require additional funding or the formation of any structural units.

Earlier, the Ministry of Internal Affairs developed a procedure for delivering drunk citizens to medical sobering-up centers and police units.

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