Apr 7, 2021
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The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Tatarstan confirmed the detection of drugs in the analyzes of Emelin

The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Tatarstan announced the discovery of traces of drugs in the analyzes of the hospitalized captain of the Avangard HC Alexei Yemelin, reports RT.

It is noted that now a check is being carried out on this fact.

Let us remind you that Emelin was hospitalized after the first match of Avangard against Ak Bars in Kazan. It was reported that he was diagnosed with renal-hepatic failure.

There were reports on the network that the hockey player required liver transplantation, and that drugs were found in his body.

The press service of “Avangard”, commenting on the messages that appeared, said that they consider this information a provocation aimed at destabilizing the situation in the team before the most important game. They also reported that Emelin had been successfully transported to Moscow.

It is emphasized that Emelin himself denies the use of any prohibited substances.

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