Sep 15, 2020
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The Ministry of Finance submitted to the government a draft law specifying the goals of preferential mortgages

The Ministry of Finance has submitted to the Russian government a bill that clarifies the goals of a mortgage loan under the state program for co-financing mortgages for large families in the amount of 450,000 rubles. This was reported by the ministry.

The amendments envisage the extension of the program to loans received for the construction of an individual residential building or for the acquisition of an unfinished individual housing construction project, it was reported.

Also, for loans for the purchase of residential premises with repairs (inseparable improvements) and property and liability insurance, it will be possible to obtain state support when the relevant loan agreements are concluded before the entry into force of the bill.

An important change in the Ministry of Finance called the opportunity to take advantage of a support measure for those who acquire a share (stakes) in the common ownership of a residential building and ultimately become the owner of this property.

The ministry added that the adoption of the project will allow receiving payments to those who, for formal reasons, could not do this earlier, since the goals specified in the loan agreement did not fall under the terms of the program. The changes, together with the extension of support to individual housing construction, will make it possible to increase the effectiveness of the implementation of state support measures and help a larger number of large families, said Deputy Finance Minister Alexei Moiseev.

In August, it was reported that in July the Russians took out a record number of mortgage loans: in total, banks issued housing loans for 320 billion rubles.

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