May 19, 2020
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The Ministry of Finance of Ukraine has placed hryvnia bonds for 21.2 billion UAH

The Ministry of Finance of Ukraine marked the hryvnia bonds of the domestic state loan at 19, 2 billion UAH. On this 12 on May, the press service of the department reported on Facebook.

"Today at auctions of internal government loan bonds, the Ministry of Finance successfully placed government-denominated government bonds with a maturity of three months, six months, nine months and one year, as well as government bonds in US dollars with a maturity of seven months, "the statement said.

It is noted that increased demand from investors allowed the Ministry of Finance to reduce the average weighted rate on three-month bonds to 10, 5% , and six months chnym - before , 78%.

Also, the agency reported on a recovering demand for bonds with a longer maturity. 2919495811452460

In total, since the beginning of May, the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine, having placed bonds of the internal state loan, attracted the state budget is about 21 billion UAH. Auctions were held on the 5th, 10 - on and 19 May.


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