Oct 17, 2020
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The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation will deploy a mobile multidisciplinary hospital in Sukhum

The Russian Ministry of Defense, at the request of the Abkhaz authorities, will deploy a mobile multidisciplinary hospital with 100 beds in Sukhum in order to increase the bed capacity and provide assistance to patients with confirmed coronavirus.

As reported in the Russian military department, the servicemen of a mobile multidisciplinary hospital of one of the formations of the Southern Military District have already begun to march on their own in standard equipment with a length of about 800 km from Budennovsk in the Stavropol Territory. The mobile unit includes more than 110 military personnel and about 30 units of special equipment.

Upon completion of the march in Sukhum, a multidisciplinary hospital will be deployed as soon as possible, where military doctors will begin to receive patients.

Recall that the mobile multidisciplinary hospital is a field medical unit designed for inpatient treatment of patients with coronavirus. It is equipped with ventilators, monitors for intensive observation of patients, x-ray machines, ultrasound machines and blood analyzers.

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