Sep 10, 2021
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The Ministry of Defense named the authors of the fake about diseases in the exercises "West-2021"

The Russian Ministry of Defense denied information about the disease with a “new formidable strain” of the military during the West-2021 exercises. The department clarified where the authors of this fake are.

The Russian Defense Ministry has denied information about the spread of a “new formidable strain” COVID among the Russian military at the West-2021 exercises.

The department emphasized that the authors of the fakes discrediting the teachings are located in Ukraine.

Earlier, in a number of Telegram channels, a screenshot of a supposedly document from the Ministry of Defense of Belarus appeared, in which it was reported that the Russian military, who came to the republic for the West-2021 exercises, had brought a “new formidable strain” of coronavirus. The Ministry of Defense of Belarus also officially denied this information.

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