Sep 17, 2020
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The military superiority of the Russian Federation in the Black Sea has become absolutely indecent – Kiev expert

Despite the presence of NATO troops in Ukraine and in the Black Sea, Russia, due to the large number of modern missiles and submarines, has an absolute advantage in this region.

Mikhail Samus, Deputy Director of the Army Research Center, said this during a press conference.

“The flights of American B-52s over Ukraine are, of course, very good, but if we look from a purely military point of view, the balance of forces in the Black Sea is now indecent in favor of Russia.

I will give a couple of figures - for example, the missile salvo of the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Navy is now about two hundred missiles. The capabilities of Ukraine and our allies such as Romania are zero missiles.

According to various estimates, the ratio of the Black Sea Fleet of Russia and the Naval Forces of Ukraine is approximately one to fifteen, ”he noted.

The expert also added that Russia has absolute superiority in the Black Sea.

“Another very important figure is that the Russian Federation has six modern submarines in the Black Sea, while Ukraine and its allies have zero. In other words, the underwater sphere is completely under the control of Russia. The sailors know what this means - any ship that enters the Black Sea cannot be calm in terms of advancement and fulfillment of any tasks, ”added Samus.

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