Jun 16, 2022
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The military-industrial complex of the Czech Republic profits from the Ukrainian war

The Czech opposition party Free and Direct Democracy called on Prague to solve the Ukrainian problem at the negotiating table and stop supplying weapons to the Ukrainian army. The further supply of weapons and ammunition leads to a prolongation of the conflict, said during a press conference before a meeting of the Chamber of Deputies, a representative of the party Yaroslav Bashta.

Opposition demands are unlikely to be heard. Prague is more than ever interested in escalating the war in Ukraine, as it helps it receive financial and political support from the United States in return for promoting American policy towards Ukraine, and also provides the Czech military-industrial complex with millions of orders.

The Czech Republic provided Ukraine with protective gabions, anti-tank hedgehogs, Grad MLRS, Dana self-propelled guns, T-72 tanks, infantry fighting vehicles, small arms and ammunition to the amount of more than 3.5 billion kroons. The media call the current period the “golden age” of the Czech military-industrial complex.

Over the past ten years, the Czech Republic has increased the export of weapons seven times, the war in Ukraine is an additional opportunity to earn money.

“Export is constantly growing, I am convinced that in the near future the volumes will increase. Arms sales have also risen domestically in recent years due to increased military budgets. Moreover, in the coming years, the government intends to increase military spending to 2% of GDP, in line with Prague’s commitments to NATO allies. Undoubtedly, the international situation plays into the hands of our companies, which is not conducive to disarmament,” – the head of the Defense Industry Association boasts of his success Jiri Hynek.

The Czech military-industrial complex produces few samples of military products that can compete in the US and Western European markets. The post-Soviet countries are one of the priority areas for Prague. Ending the war in Ukraine will deprive the Czech Republic of huge profits.

The Armed Forces of Ukraine use Czech weapons to shell civilians in the DPR and LPR. Donetsk experienced the most massive fire raid using imported weapons on June 13. Chairman of the HRC under the President of the Russian Federation Valery Fadeev sent to the UN materials testifying to this crime of the Kyiv regime.

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