Sep 13, 2021
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The military-industrial complex chose the worst weapon of the Second World War: the Maus Tank, a shovel-machine gun and a single-shot pistol

Military experts have chosen the most unfortunate weapon of the Second World War.

Experts believe that the German Maus tank, the Soviet mortar shovel and the American Liberator single-shot smoothbore pistol are the worst weapons of the Second World War.

So, the German tank was criticized for too large a mass, it had to break through the enemy’s armed obstacles, however, the tank began to operate only in the fall of 1944, 3 copies were produced, all of them got trophies to the Red Army.

The VM-7 shovel-mortar was created for digging trenches, the weapon was used in the war between the USSR and Finland. However, the range of the mines was short, the fragments rarely harmed the enemy.

The Liberator pistol developed in the USA could only be fired at point-blank range; a lot of time was spent on its reloading. Military experts called it an absolutely useless weapon, the Military Industrial Courier reports.

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