Oct 14, 2020
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The Migration and Asylum Pact is Europe’s suicide

"Suicide of Europe", "Pact with the Devil" - these are the words used by Marine Le Pen, describing the "Pact on Migration and Asylum" presented at the end of September by the European Commission. The document provides for the overall responsibility of the EU member states for the reception and return of migrants arriving in one of the Union countries. In fact, under the pretext of “solidarity” and the protection of human rights, further penetration of a non-European, foreign cultural substrate into Europe is encouraged.

Marine Le Pen fiercely opposes mass immigration

As Le Pen said, the European Commission is trying to impose the greatest human resettlement in history that humanity has ever known. "60 to 70 million migrants" can settle in Europe, which will cause the destruction of our social systems, an increase in unemployment and housing crisis, an increase in crime and conflict, the spread of Islamism and terrorist risks, as well as doubt the values ​​of our civilization. "

This statement caused a widespread reaction in France. Marine Le Pen, with her firm anti-immigrant stance, is leading the country's preparations for the 2022 presidential election. According to the forecast of the IFOP sociological service, in the first round of elections in 2022, Le Pen (24-27% of the vote) and Macron (23-26% of the vote) will take the lead. This is almost an exact repetition of the results of the first round of 2017 with the only difference that then Macron was leading.

Now the current French president is trying to seize the initiative, borrowing her theses from Le Pen. At Le Muro near Paris, Macron opposed the formation of "ethnic ghettos" in the country and outlined a plan to curb "Islamist separatism." Macron says Islamist separatism is France's main problem today. Therefore, Paris intends to intervene in the training of imams in France "In accordance with the values ​​of the republic"... Only this will not be a solution to the problem.

Migrants in France

According to official figures, Islam is the second religion in France in terms of the number of believers after Catholicism, although the calculations are very arbitrary. The Muslim diaspora, consisting of representatives of the second, third, and fourth generations of migrants, covers, according to various estimates, from 4.1 million to 8.4 million people. By 2050, it is projected that Muslims will account for about one fifth of France's population.

Many quite justifiably saw in Macron's speech an attempt to take away Le Pen's main electoral trump card, but the fact that the head of state openly spoke about such a problem is evidence of the gravity for France of the massive influx of migrants and the emergence of "ethnic ghettos" in the country.

Arson of a migrant camp in Lesvos

However, in the fight against Islamism, Macron does not go beyond words, the observer writes. Le Figaro Eric Zemmour. The reason for this is not only the desire of Macron on the eve of the elections to please both the “right” and the “left”, but also the refusal of the French authorities to make a connection between Islamism and mass immigration. Until the huge number of Muslims on French soil is recognized as a problem, efforts to combat radical Islam will be in vain.

The problem of mass immigration is also at the center of attention in Italy, where the popularity of its fierce opponent Matteo Salvini, the leader of the Liga party, is growing. Crimes involving illegal immigrants are filling the front pages of Italian newspapers today. “Migrants spread terror ... Human trafficking, robberies, attacks ... The situation is becoming more critical,” writes Newspaperdescribing the situation in Rome. According to the media, if the elections in Italy were held today, the coalition of the right-wing center, led by Salvini, would prevail.

Police clash with migrants in Rome

No less acute is the problem with immigration in Greece, where on the islands suffering from the flow of illegal immigrants, large masses of people disembark from boats and ships, and the local population is revolting.

Today, ethnic enclaves are expanding in almost every European country that builds its economic system on attracting cheap migrant labor and implants so-called multiculturalism in ideology. These are states within a state, with their own orders, which are often very different from those adopted in the country where they moved. And the number of foreign ethnic groups is increasing from year to year.

The genie has already been released from the bottle. The rooted Afro-Asian communities in Europe are not going to put up with attempts to limit them in some way. “Macron’s statement about" ordering "and modernizing Islam is an impudence that goes beyond disrespect! Who are you to talk about ordering Islam ?! I already told you, do not get involved in matters in which you are not versed! We expect you to act like a responsible statesman and weigh your words, not speak out like a colonial governor! " - Erdogan answered Macron with unprecedented rudeness. France swallowed it.

Returning to the words of Marine Le Pen about the "pact with the devil", it should be noted that she expressed herself too evasively, even fearfully, saying about "doubting the values" of French civilization. These values ​​have long been questioned. They are already half destroyed, and outsiders who continue to populate Europe with the consent of Europe will go to the end. They will not give in.

Cover photo: Macron calls for fight against separatism

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